This past week was a major weather event for Southern California.  One storm after another hit – we had rain, wind, snow, hail, floods, mudslides and even a couple of tornadoes!  In and around LA people had to leave their homes for fear of mudslides – the result of the fires this past summer stripping away all vegetation and leaving the land exposed and vulnerable.  Thursday I had to leave the office for a few minutes and was greeted with this sight on my new car (taken with my iPhone)…


Darn snow is one of the reasons I left Illinois.  Then this morning I was awakened by two noisy cats – breakfast was not being served.  I went to the kitchen and looked out of the window — snow on the neighbor’s roof.  I went back to bed, feeling sorry for myself, and hid under the covers.  Several hours later when I awoke again the sun and made all that white stuff disappear!  YIPPEE.  Tonight it’s supposed to be 28F.  At least no snow in in the forecast.

Time until my ship sets sail:  5 days, 11 hours and 22 minutes!

Another grey day,

But it’s really OK. There’s lots to be done in the house. Sometimes I’m not sure what I accomplish, but before you know it the evening is here! Time does fly. As I was walking through the kitchen this afternoon I looked out the window in the door. A wild turkey was walking across the middle of my garden! Naturally it was gone by the time I got my camera and got outside.

When the sun does come back and the ground dries out not only does the garden need to be tilled again and planted.  And the grass really, really, really needs mowing!

Rain, rain, go away…

On Saturday the garden was plowed and tilled – it is gorgeous:

The garden

Now, if it’d just stop raining so I could get planting!!


UPDATE!  I’d planned on putting some plants in yesterday, and since they’d been soaking since Sunday I decided to go ahead and get them in the earth.  So, down the left side (as you look in this photo), there are now 10 lavender plants, 4 boxwoods and 5 two-inch roses.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Lazy Day

Well, the weather has been just CRAZY here.

On Sunday we woke up to:
Monday all the snow was gone and it was in the 60s.  Today it’s cloudy and rain is predicted for the majority of the day, and it’s already 55.
But the lawn is green and there are hints of buds on the trees.  Soon the “green haze” will appear and then the tress burst in to life.
For today, laziness has overtaken.  I have some indoor tasks to keep me busy and I think that I might just start on the curtains for Ms C’s bedroom.  I don’t know how she feels, but I’m rather tired of the shade, the blanket and the tablecloth we’ve been using for curtains!