At sea

Well, we left the port about 45 minutes ago.  I am surprised at how quiet the ship is.  I have the balcony door open and can hear the waves.  Beautiful and peaceful.

There is a gentle rocking and I cannot wait to go to sleep tonight.

Now I’m off to meet up with some friends from Germany who I haven’t seen since 2004!

Florida – I love it!

Here I am in Florida, looking forward to my cruise which leaves tomorrow.  My flight left LAX at 1am this morning, perhaps next time I’ll book my own flight instead of letting the cruise company do that?  Anyway, I fell asleep just about as soon as the seat belt was buckled and slept until we landed.  Then it was a mad dash in Dallas to get onto the next flight – which actually turned out to be OK since I got to the gate, walked onto the plane, sat down, buckled up, took off and fell asleep again!

My hotel is gorgeous and is right on the beach.  I have a huge balcony and the door is open listening to the wind rustle through the palms and the waves crashing.  Here’s a little sample (thank you iPhone!)


And just in case you are curious:

Monday -Aruba

Tuesday – Curacao

Thursday  – Port of Spain

Friday – Barbados

Saturday – St Vincent

Sunday – St Kitts

Monday – St Thomas

Tuesday – San Juan

Wednesday – Grand Turk

Friday – back in Florida/California

Vacation Countdown!

Well I made the final payment this weekend for my upcoming cruise. I have to tell you, I didn’t blink an eye – just paid it off. And I cannot wait! We leave the end of January and for two weeks this will be my home:


Ports of call include Aruba, Antilles, Trinidad/Tobago, Barbados, St Vincent, St Kitts, St Thomas, Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic and Caicos Islands.

And my room has a balcony. Can it get any better?

Our vacation is coming to a close

Sad, but true.  Tomorrow we leave for home.  It will be good to be home and return to our own routine, but I’ll miss being with my folks.  It’s been really, really nice visiting, playing cards, sight-seeing and so forth.

We’ve been enjoying the restaurants around here.  Where we live it’s a long way to a town with a restaurant that we even like, yet here they are all over and delicious.  I attribute this to two reasons.  The first is that I think the people in Louisiana love to eat and enjoy eating.  Therefore they love to cook and do it well.  The second is that there is a military base close by, and with it there’s a little more of an international flavor.  We’ve been to local restaurants featuring blackened dishes, a good Mexican one, a wonderful Greek restaurant and a fantastic Thai/Vietnamese one.  Yum!  When I get home it’ll be back to cooking!  🙁 

So, Mom and Dad, thanks for a great time and a wonderful visit.  We love you!!

Down South

We decided to take a little vacation, so we are in Louisiana enjoying southern hospitality.  The days are gorgeous, the nights wonderful.  A storm is moving in and humidity is on the rise, so we’ve cheated and turned on the AC.

Enjoying time with family.  Life doesn’t get much better!