On the road (again)

This morning we woke up in Joplin, Mississippi.  It doesn’t seem real yet that we are really moving.  We had hopped to get on the road early yesterday morning, but our *scared-y* cat hid.  She does that very well.  We’d shut her in a bedroom/hall/bathroom and didn’t think there was any place where she could hide.  We were wrong.  After a couple of hours we pulled out the freezer and there she was!

The drive was rather slow since we can only go 55 pulling the trailer, but there were no winds and all went well.  Until we got to the hotel.  They have no big parking so I had to pull into a parking place.  I choose one that I hope I’ll be able to back straight out of and then turn out of the drive way.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Otherwise I’ll have to wait until some good soul comes along to back up that trailer!

So, off we go!

Under offer

Yes, that is correct.  I received, and accepted, an offer on my place today.  It’s a good offer, but it has a couple of contingencies to it so I’m not going to celebrate just yet.  Way too early in the game.

The packing continues but we are nearly done.  Tomorrow is going to be filled with a bunch of errands (including getting more packing paper) and lunch with my sister.  Then on Thursday we pick up the rental truck and bring it home and fill it up.  Friday we’ll be taking the rental truck to the storage unit where we’ll unload it and then take the truck back to the rental company.  Saturday I’m going to rest – I think I’ll have earned it by then!  🙂