New Hobby

Isn’t it exciting when something you’ve been thinking about for years actually starts to happen?

A couple of weeks ago I bought a new (to me) Bernina sewing machine.  It’s actually about 15-20 years old, and I’m the third owner, but it’s a great machine.  It was delivered last week.  And so I thought, well, I’ve got this great machine.  Now what?  And then I remembered a fragment of a conversation I had with a colleague a few months ago.  She mentioned in passing that she was working on a quilt.  Hum.  I’ve always wanted to try quilting, had the time perhaps come?

So I gave her a call and found out about a quilting store here in town.  Actually we have two!  I decided to go and check them out.  They both are filled with gorgeous fabrics and fun people.  One of them has “project” classes and the other has a quilting class where you and your machine just come and for 2 hours you visit and work at your own pace.  There is an instructor to provide guidance, tips and to make you feel good about your work.

I decided to give it a go.  Not wanting to invest a ton of money in something and then not like it, for my first project I’ve chosen a table runner.  Actually it isn’t going to run very far, it’s a square with another square (turned like a diamond) around it.  I really enjoyed the first class and I’m looking forward to going to my next class this coming week.  I finished up the first square today.  It’s about 20″ square and made with purples, green and a black print with purple and pink flowers.  Here it is so far:


Looking at it now I probably should have had the back pieces with the flowers laid out so that the purples were opposite corners from each other – and likewise the pinks.  But hey, I like it!