August Break -3


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The above was taken today near Texas Canyon in Arizona.  Chelsea did well in her surgery – no complications – and was released late yesterday afternoon.  Chelsea’s surgeon knew that we needed to get her back to university at San Antonio, and so Chelsea was released for travel yesterday.  We are pacing the trip as slowly as we can with still arriving on Monday.  Yesterday we went 4 hours to one of my daughter’s and spend the night.  Tonight we’re in Deming NM.  Tomorrow our goal is Ft Stockton TX and then on into San Antonio on Monday.  So far so good!

Winding Down

Well, our time here in Louisiana is coming to a close and daughter and I will be heading back to San Antonio early tomorrow morning. We have to move her into a different dorm apartment. Wednesday we’ll leave for California.

It has been hectic. The house is mine and the former owner is moving out today. I’ve had contractors in and I’m waiting for the quotes for some electrical work, repair work and painting work. I’ve met with the property management company. The carpet folks come tomorrow to measure for the new living room carpet. If the other work comes in too high, my folks will be finding other folks for the work. I am so thankful that they are willing to do this for me!

Although our time has been busy, it’s been so much fun to be with family again. One of my sisters came in on Friday and left today – a much too short of time to have together, but better than no time!

We’ll be stopping by my middle daughter’s for a couple of nights – and will collect our cats before going home on Saturday. Monday is a holiday for me (Memorial Day) so I’ll have Sunday and Monday to rest up before heading back to the office.

Road Trip – Day 1

Well here it is, 5:30 in the morning and I’m already awake! A busy day lies before me. I ended up working another 13 hour day yesterday so I didn’t get to finish loading the car. As soon as it’s light outside I’ll be taking care of that. At 7:30 bug man comes to spray so that the little critters avoid my place (and go to the neighbors I am sure). And then it’ll be time to grab a coffee, post some mail, hit the ATM and then drive, drive, drive.

I am sure it’s going to be a great day!

Good bye old life, hello new life

Today I’m saying good-bye to my old life and welcoming my new one.

We arrived at our new home-town safely on Friday evening.  We have spent the weekend trying to keep cool – the temps have been around 115 (give or take a few degrees) and because it’s the desert, hardly any humidity.  This is such a change from the last several years where we lived in places where the humidity was much higher.  Tomorrow I re-join the work force.  Mixed feelings for sure!

The day we left Illinois was a bit sad.  Before leaving I did a walk around and it seemed like the garden was in bloom just to say “good bye”.

My pretty white zinnias,


the luscious tomatoes,


my favorite, raspberries (which were not supposed to fruit until next year),


the wonderful black currants,


delicious zucchinis,


the bright glads and


my beautiful, little roses.


But it was time to go.  Truck was loaded and trailer was packed, so off we went.  It only took the first night at the hotel for me to learn to park where I could get myself out!


And this is my friend’s house.  She has graciously opened up her home for us to stay in until we can find our own place.  It’s good to have friends!


And it’s off to work in the morning!


Well, we made it!  Safe and sound.  (Maybe not so sound….)  Anyway, we got in last night and just about died.  This morning we were up at 7 and unloading the trailer into my friend’s garage.  It was already 81 degrees.  Our high today – 115!  Got the trailer and the truck unloaded and the trailer turned in.  It is SO nice to drive without the darn trailer.

Discovered that I have been driving for about 9 months without my vehicle registration.  So, panic call to the Illinois DMV and sister, and thanks to my brother in law, the registration copy has been obtained and is on it’s way here.  Due to arrive prior to 1pm tomorrow.

More later!!