saying good-bye to a dream

I was at our “sister” office today here in California.  I love it there – they are right on the Pacific Ocean.  I was in meetings all day so I went down yesterday and spent the evening at the beach.  It’s on a Navy base so there were very few people and I had no trouble finding a spot where I could be on my own.

It’s beautiful there – mountains and water.  Who could really ask for more — especially when a mist shrouds the top of the mountains…


This little boat looked to be abandoned and it made me wonder how it got there – this part of the beach is off limits.  The water here is full of rip-tides and strong currents, so if someone brought the boat in – how did they leave?  Or did the waves bring it in


The waves pounded the shore – I love the roar, and the mist that settles on your face.


And while I gave up my dinner (willingly) to fill my senses with the ocean, these guys went fishing (and no, they didn’t seem to want to share)…


And so it was that I spent awhile on the beach.  The waves taking away all my tension, enjoying the cool air and the salt mist on my skin.  And as I sat there I realized that I was saying goodbye to a dream.  I returned to work with the idea that I would buy a small place on the ocean.  I’ve lived on islands for 10 years and being near the Pacific is really the only time I feel complete.  I know that I’m in the final stages of purchasing a very land-locked property, and I think it is the sensible thing to do.  And perhaps one day I’ll have a place on the ocean, or live on a boat.  But somehow I feel that I am saying goodbye to a dream, and a piece of my soul is dying..

This old song, Cool Change by the Little River Band, captures the spirit of the Ocean for me…

Vacation Countdown!

Well I made the final payment this weekend for my upcoming cruise. I have to tell you, I didn’t blink an eye – just paid it off. And I cannot wait! We leave the end of January and for two weeks this will be my home:


Ports of call include Aruba, Antilles, Trinidad/Tobago, Barbados, St Vincent, St Kitts, St Thomas, Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic and Caicos Islands.

And my room has a balcony. Can it get any better?