My new car

I haven’t had a new vehicle since 1999.  This is not a bad thing, just the way it was.  When I retired I bought a used truck from my Dad, and it has been great.  It saw us through the awful midwest winter, and brought us pulling a trailer to California — about half way across the US.

When I first moved to Okinawa in 2004 I bought a used Toyota RAV 4.  It was the 2-door model and I fell in love with it.  Up off the road like a truck, but small enough to easily park an get around on the small streets.  Three years later I blew the engine and bought a little Honda Life.  It too was a great car, but I missed the RAV 4.

Well, no longer folks!  See my brand new 2010 Toyota RAV 4 – with ALL the bells and whistles including back up camera and bun warmers.  I brought it home 2 weeks ago today.