3 July – Moving continues

This has been the longest day of my life.  I seriously should have hauled all of this to my burn pile and struck a match.

Our day began at 4am.  Yes, that is 4 hours after mid-night, a time when some people are just getting home from a fun night out.  We had a quick coffee and then continued to load the truck.  Shortly after 6 we headed off for the unit again.  Here we are, getting ready to unload (notice the great amount of energy emitting from Chelsea):


It took us about an hour and a half to unload and position the stuff.  It must have rained overnight because this unit is significantly smaller than it was yesterday…



We turned in the rental truck, grabbed some breakfast and headed back towards home with the intention of loading up our truck with some of the remaining items and taking them back.  Well by the time we got home we were both like the living dead so we decided that since it was only about 10:30 we’d just go back to sleep.  And what a wonderful sleep it was!  Then it was back up and we loaded the truck with the first of two loads we took in the truck.


Took another load and then we came home.  I can’t wait to let my head hit the pillow tonight!

2 July – Moving begins

Well, we have had two VERY long days.  In fact, I can’t believe it is still Friday.  For the purposes of this post (which I didn’t get to last night), pretend it is Thursday, 2 July.

We have been furiously packing for about 10 days now, and although not everything has actually been packed, we picked up the rental truck to begin transporting our worldly possessions to the storage unit (please note that I rented the largest unit I could find, 10′ x 30′).

I sat the alarm for 5:30 so we’d get an early start.  Here was the beast (14′ truck) that we were to drive, load and unload:


I actually thought I’d rented a 24′ truck, and I’m so glad I didn’t.  This one was plenty big enough – driving wise.  Anyway, I drove it home and then Chelsea and I loaded it up:


It filled up way to fast, and we realized that a second trip would be required so it was off to the storage unit (about a 50 minute drive) to unload.  And here’s what fit into the unit the first load…


Not bad.  Plenty of room.  So it was back home to load the truck for a second time.  Well, we got home and started to load and discovered we were rapidly running out of steam.  We broke for a quick supper and then got back to work.  We finally called off the loading at close to 11pm and went to bed, making sure the alarm would sound early the next morning.

Packing, packing and more packing

I have a hard time staying focused.  I start one thing, think of something else and then wander off.  I think it’s in my genes.  Anyway, to help me stay on track and not end up with 80% of the work to do at the 11th hour – Chelsea came up with a schedule.  This morning we were supposed to get things out of the attic, but we slept in too late and it was way to hot by the time we were up and about.  However, we got all the other tasks that were scheduled for today completed and even started on tomorrow’s tasks.

The weather is supposed to cool off overnight so regardless of what time we get up tomorrow we will clear the attic.

I’m already weary of this…


Well, preparations for the move are well and truly underway.  We are in the process of packing things out of drawers, cupboards and closets.  So far 3 of the oriental chests are empty (and they are big), 3 bookcases have been packed and the majority of the kitchen things.  I got carried away and had to unpack a couple of coffee cups!!  Anyway, there are nearly 30 boxes packed and it feels good.  Looks messy, but feels good.

Tonight I decided to pull my photos (waiting to be scanned) from their 3-ring binders and box them up.  I found this one:

Heather & Steph going to NZ

This photo was taken in 1987 by a cabin attendant on the flight from Japan to New Zealand where we were moving.  At that time I only had two daughters, Heather and Stephanie.  We had a great time in NZ and our time there brought us wonderful memories.  Now, 22 years later (and 11 moves later) we are once again getting ready for a big change.  Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever settle down, or if I am destined to roam the world forever…