Happy Mother’s Day from the Bunny Slayer

To all mothers, and mothers-to-be in the US, Happy Mother’s Day.

Actually we celebrated yesterday.  This was because my youngest wanted to spoil me and she had to be back at university today.  So my day began with scrumptious home-made crepes filled with wonderful raspberries and a cappuccino made to perfection.  I felt so spoiled.  And then I was given a big box full of presents – a gorgeous card, two chocolate bars, a box of one of my favorite teas, and surprise of all surprises – a Wii Fit!!  I could not believe it!  Blown away!

But it was Saturday, and sunny so I had outside chores to do.  So after thanking my wonderful daughter, out I went.  I worked in the garden for a while and then tackled the mowing.  Now, we had a ton of rain this spring and it’s only been sunny this past week.  The majority of time I’ve devoted to getting the garden in.  So, the parts of the yard that had not been mowed yet were really tall – about 10 or 12″!  So I went slow, and didn’t make full sweeps, keeping my eyes opened for limbs, sticks, and critters.  I stopped time and again for little creatures – including little tiny frogs.  And then it happened.  As I was looking down I spied a little baby bunny, dead.  I think the tires got him – not the blades.  He was so tiny and I felt so bad.

My neighbor was working on my porch and we found a nest – guess this little guy was a refugee from the nest.  One of the others was hurt, but my neighbor picked it up and comforted him.  


He seemed fine and was set free in the woods.  We saw two other babies take off from the nest.  My neighbor said he thought they were big enough to survive – but perhaps he was just being kind to me.  I felt so bad about disturbing their nest (and killing one of them).

The post man came, bringing gifts from my middle daughter.  A wonderful surprise, complete with a paper bouquet – made from paper cut-outs of my grandkids’ hands.


And after all the yard work we are sitting around the table talking to friends and one of them noticed that one of my cats had a cut on the top of her head.  It was about an inch long, slanted and open.  It wasn’t bleeding but looked horrid.  So, without much hope I called the local vets office.  A service answered and within 10 minutes a vet called me back.  We decided to bring her to the vet, so off we went.  (Now remember last week when we couldn’t get a dentist?  Well, apparently there’s no issues if you are an animal and need emergency care!)

Anyway, we get to the vet — about 30 minutes a way.  She opens the carrier and looks in and said – let me save you some money.  “This is a scrape and nothing to worry about.”  I couldn’t believe it – I’d already agreed to the $85 fee + charges for any procedure or meds, so I was delighted that there was no charge.  

We finally got home around 8:30 and together we made pasta.  Then we had just enough time to wear ourselves out on the Wii Fit.  I was pretty good at balance, but I suck at following the “dance” steps.  I thought my daughter would pee herself she was laughing so hard!  And although I wasn’t laughing she assured me she was laughing with me and not at me.  Hummmm

So, except for the incident with the bunny, it was a great day.


What a weekend we had. Ms C developed a tooth ache, and try as we might, dental care is not to be had on weekends. The few places that advertised emergency treatment, and that responded to phone calls, indicated they didn’t see people on the weekend and if the pain got too bad to go to the ER for an injection to deal with the pain. So, with OTC meds she made it though until this morning when we were able to get her to a dentist in her university town. Not good – tomorrow she goes in for a root canal. 🙁 And we need a consult for impacted wisdom teeth (all 4). Someone is going to have a sore mouth – and with finals next week too! Altho they did say they didn’t think the wisdom teeth would need to be removed just yet.

I’m working on getting the garden in, which I know I will love (one day) but just now I’m beginning to wonder what on earth possessed me to create such a huge garden! This is new to me (especially this are) so I started several seeds indoors based on a last frost date of 17 Apr. The frost date was pretty accurate, BUT the earth was too wet to put anything in. I was finally able to put them in on Saturday, but I’d already lost many of my seedlings and I’m not sure that the others are going to make it. (Naturally my neighbor’s tomatoes are stellar, he didn’t start his seeds as early as I did…) Today I looked at my hot peppers and the leaves have turned white on several of them. Don’t have any clue as to what that is about.

Did you ever watch that movie “Overboard” with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell? In one scene she becomes overwhelmed and just starts saying bub-bub-bub over and over again. Since retirement I’ve felt that way on numerous occasions. But today I got to live another scene from that movie. Near the beginning Kurt is taking Goldie home and she’s riding in the back of a pickup truck and swallows a bug (gag). Well, I wasn’t in the back of a pickup truck but I while I was working in the garden I must have had my mouth open because a bug flew right in. YUCK! And I couldn’t even spit it out. Double yuck. I’ve had it will protein – I’m going to become a vegetarian. I believe that bugs know if you are a vegetarian, and if you are one they won’t fly into your mouth. (And if you know different, don’t bother to even tell me!)

Inside maintenance

This morning I was reading Patti’s blog and she was saying that she’s doing some inside maintenance – new window treatments, new rug, rearrangement of furniture – you know the drill. And as I was reading her post, I found myself listening to the quiet that is the way of life in the country. There is absolutely NO sound of traffic. I can hear birds (and bugs), and the sounds that young limbs make when the squirrel jumps off and the limb springs back. Looking out of my window the trees have burst to life with beautiful foliage, still that almost lime-green of new growth but darkening a bit every day.

The mid-west is being hit by some major storms and there are flood warnings through our county and the surrounding ones. We aren’t in any danger as we sit up, but I am amazed by Mother Nature. Last week we had flood warnings (and flood it did!) yet we had clear, beautiful skies and not a drop of rain that day. So why did we have flood warnings? To the north (different states) they had bad weather and the Illinois River was being deluged by the additional water. The result was that it flooded here. Hum. Yet another example of the rippling effects that one occurrence has on another. It reminds me that we need to strive to live a life where we do not cause damage. You never know what ripple your action (physical action/inaction, a kind or unkind deed, a soft word or a harsh one) may cause to something or someone far, far away. It is a reminder that we have a great responsibility to humanity to tread lightly and lovingly.

And as I sit here enjoying my peace and quiet and the sounds that are from nature I don’t even mind that the skies are grey and that the sun will not be joining us until Saturday at the earliest. Never mind that the ground covering which I call “lawn” is 6-8 inches tall and needs a hair cut. Never mind that the garden, beautifully tilled and plowed, now will have to be reworked before planting.

Today I will focus on my inside maintenance. I need to do photography work, I feel the need to rearrange some furniture, my desk area is in desperate need of a good tidy and better arrangement. There is soup to be made – I want to do the cooking for the weekend so that we can enjoy kicking back and relaxing. (Ms C’s finals are the week after next and she needs to chill.)

And through these physical inside maintenance chores I believe that my soul/spirit will be re-energized.

Today and tomorrow I will focus on maintenance – in side my home and in the place where my spirit lives.

And to share with you, some photos of the outside I took this morning (outdoor maintenance list!)…

the waiting-to-be-planted garden

the waiting-to-be-planted garden

the waiting-to-be-power-washed north side

the waiting-to-be-power-washed north side

view from my desk

view from my desk

part of the waiting-to-be-mowed lawn

part of the waiting-to-be-mowed lawn

Bunny and Lens



This morning I saw this little guy out in the yard.  I took a couple of photos and then every so often I’d take a few steps closer and take a couple more.  He let me get to about 10′ from him, snap a couple of shots and then he took off into the woods.  


And then this afternoon Mr. UPS delivered my new lens:
You can see the first photo taken with this lens here.  It’s straight out of the camera with no post-processing!  I am going to love this lens!!

New porch/pergola/deck

I've wanted a front porch (out my kitchen door) for a long time.  But because a roof on a porch would cause the inside of my place to be dark, I didn't do anything about it.  And then I got to thinking about pergolas and decided to combine the two.  So I talked with my friend/neighbor/carpenter and we came up with a plan.  A sort of porch but with a pergola top.  That way I'd be able to grow vines up and over the top and hang baskets of flowers, but since the "roof" would be open to the skies.  The pergola top will have rafters about every 16".  Then I decided that perhaps I could put some clear-ish roofing product over the door so there would be a bit of shelter from the rain.  Fiberglass was suggested.  And I wanted this porch to wrap about and go in front of the kitchen window.  But I decided I didn't want any roof or rafters on this section.  Nor any rails.  I just want it open.  And so, the porch/pergola/deck concept was born.

Supplies have been purchased and construction has begun.  The plans continue to evolve (like the cross-hatch that is on the front bit) and I believe it's going to be beautiful.  The front edge will measure 30' across and the side will be 23'.