So now I need an electrician?

When I lived on the island of Guam there was an expression “OOG”, meaning that whatever you were talking about would/could only happen on Guam (Only On Guam). Well, I am becoming convinced that there is now a OOFBCG (Only On Farm By City Girl). Case in point.

I can’t use your everyday weed-eater. Doesn’t matter why, just cannot. So I have a special one with four wheels and you can push it around like a lawn mower. And it’s a killer machine – I love it. As you know I’m having a porch/pergola put on the house. It’s a wrap around. The “front” is nearly done and soon we’ll be working on the side bit. But with the wet weather we’d had and the warmer temps the grass had gone crazy – about 12 inches tall. So I pulled the weed eating monster out of winter storage today, did my checks and started it up. Ran perfectly! So I got busy cutting down the monster grass that was growing up. All of a sudden the machine stopped dead in its tracks. Got to looking and guess what folks? I’d managed to wrap the electrical ground around the weed eating machine:


and for a closer look:

So after a few panic calls to my Dad, we determined that the ground was intact and that I needed to un-wrap it. So back outside I went and worked on it and sure enough, I was able to un-wrap it. And just as I was undoing the last bit, I broke it!

So, an electrician is due to come out and install the ground rod (is that the term?) into the ground and attach the wire (the broken ground wire was in the concrete). In addition, he’s going to put the wire in 1/2″ pvc so it will be much more attractive than a wire hanging down.

I pride myself on being a rather independent person, but living here is teaching me that there are SO MANY things that I either can’t do, or can’t do well. And as a person whose lived her life thinking there wasn’t much she couldn’t do, this is a bitter pill to swallow!