Lessons in Patience

Well, here it is Tuesday night and I am still not a home owner.  I was supposed to close Monday, but the appraisal lady didn’t do her job.  So, late last week we rescheduled for Tuesday.

Yesterday (Monday) morning I got a call that we couldn’t close today either.  The appraisal revealed broken window panes and the mortgage company required them to be replaced.

And so we are tentatively scheduled to close at 10am Friday.  Sigh….

Sometimes things do not go as planned, but they are probably going the way they should be.


After letting my life get away from me, I am actively taking control again.  My fibromyalgia had flared up, I wasn’t eating properly, I was not sleeping well and I was working way too much.  So I decided that I’d better get a grip.

I admitted to myself that I needed to take my new medicine perhaps on a daily basis and not just when the pain became extreme.  I started leaving work on time.  I started eating properly again.  And I have returned to the mat with my yoga practice.  And life is beginning to be good again.  After only a few days of these changes, I am sleeping through the night.  I am feeling stronger and my pain has subsided to a very manageable level.

Now comes the challenge of staying on this path!

Today I want out

Yes.  That is correct.  Pollyanna has left the building (or in this case, the *farm*).  The rose-colored glasses are broken.  If you walked up and offered me $150K for this place today, I hand you the keys, grab my photo stuff, computers a few clothes and I’d climb into my truck and leave.

Of the 15 raspberry bushes to be planted 9 are in the ground.  All those weeks of pouring over graft paper planning the garden design did not pay off.  I ran out of space in the designated area so only 9 are in the ground.  I’ll deal with the remaining 6 this evening.
The lawn tractor will go, but it won’t cut the grass.  I don’t know if the deck is stuck or not.
The damn potty is having issues again.  All potties must be designed by sick men.  Don’t they get it that girls USE toilet paper?  Potties should be designed for this issue.  So ever since the septic issue a few weeks ago I am forced to watch the potty to make sure that everything clears when I flush.  I hate this and today one is having issues.  And if that were not enough, the tank has chosen today to require additional attention.  That damn flapper thing wants to stay up.  I guess it’s unfair to blame the flapper thing since it’s actually the stupid chain that gets a kink in it and keep the flapper thing up, but I am fed up with the entire thing.
And the frosting on the cake?  FRIGGING TICKS!
Oh – and the cat is gacking.
Excuse me.  I need to go to my happy place.

Yin and Yang and soaring with eagles (not)

There are many things in our lives that when combined, result in balance.  You cannot have good without the bad, the sweet without the bitter.  And so life has been for us…

  • My laptop, which crashed on 1 April, is in the shop for repair.  When it crashed I knew the warranty was about to expire.  When I went to check the serial number I discovered that I couldn't even read it – not even with my glasses!  So I waited until Ms C came home for the weekend.  We checked it Friday and guess what.  The warranty was due to expire at midnight.  Now if you own an Apple computer you know that their extended warranty is called Apple Care and you need to purchase it in a box.  I went on-line to purchase it, but it has to be mailed.  There was no way that I could receive it before midnight!  So, in desperation I called tech support.  Explained the problem, and you know what?  They got the sales folks on the line and they were able to activate the extended warranty!  So, laptop is in the shop being fixed!  (And I now have a magnifying glass.)
  • Ms C has always had a sensitive tummy.  On Monday she called me in tears.  She's been to the University doctor and they told her it might be acid reflux, ulcers, gall stones or cancer.  They gave her a high fiber diet to follow and a follow up appointment in 10 days.  Now I knew she wasn't feeling well because she missed a class or two for the first time this school year.  I went up to the University and took her to the grocery store where we attempted to purchase food items that were both high in fiber and something she would actually eat.  (She is a VERY picky eater.)  The longer I was with her the more uneasy I became so I decided to drive her to another town to the walk-in clinic.  We got there about 4:30 and saw the Dr shortly after 5.  After hearing her issues he advised us to go the the ER.  So we did.  She was examined, given intravenous injections for nausea and pain and an IV.  She ended up with two different CT scans, blood and urine work.  Bottom line is that everything seems to be normal and they think it is stress.  She was given meds for 5 days to help calm her tummy and a 30-day supply of anti-nausea meds.  She has continued to improve during the week and it appears that the Uni dr was very wrong!
  • While in the process of constructing my new porch cum pergola we discovered that the gas line to the house had been cemented to the front step (which needed to be removed).  I called the gas company and they came out.  They were able to cut the line and splice it – after much difficulty.  They had thought that they might have to lay a new line, but in the end it worked out.  The best part?  No charge!!
  • My coffee maker (cappuccino/espresso machine) is slowly dying.  Water leaks out of the steaming wand whenever the machine is one.  I know it has to be replaced, but they are expensive and the one I've had my eye on is over $600!  Well this week I went to town and met my sister for lunch.  While there I decided to ask if they knew when the coffee machine was going to go on sale.  Guess what.  It was ON SALE!  So now I have a new coffee machine to enjoy!  And I'm drinking a bit too much coffee because it's so much fun to make it
  • My "walk-about" camera lens is having issues – the auto focus is starting to go.  (And when you have old eyes this feature is wonderful.)  It works fine on manual focus – but let's face it, that is a bit of a pain!  Anyway the lens I really want is a Canon pro glass and it's very expensive.  BUT, my fav on-line camera store has a used one for sale.  So I am thinking…

So you see, if we relax a bit and let life play out, good follows the not-so-good.

And as I was taking Ms C back to University on Wednesday morning we were startled when some wild turkeys took off at a gangly run and flew across the road to the field on the other side.  They are so clumsy and awkward – and I feared we would hit one of them.  I stopped the truck, grabbed the camera and took a few shots.  It was an awful place to stop — a two lane road with no shoulder and hills on both sides, but no traffic came by.  I took some of them in flight but they didn't turn out (remember the issue with the auto-focus?).  I was able to snap one of them in the field.  Watching them I was reminded of the phrase that was popular a few years ago….  "It's hard to soar with eagles when you are surrounded by turkeys".  Now I know where that phrase came from!



Today it is cloudy and rain is predicted.  My head hurts beyond belief and my tummy feels raw and upset (possibly related to the headache).

My laptop has crashed.  I think it is under warranty but I have to wait until Ms C is home tomorrow to read the serial number to report it.  The serial number is 
too small for me to read.


My desktop, which was repaired TWICE in January is functioning, but slow.  Perhaps the sign of an impending crash.


I need another external drive to back-up my 10K+ photos before I loose them.  I hadn’t backed up my Lightroom catalogue so I’ve lost all my photo processing 
unless we can get the laptop back up and running.


So, now I’m going to have a coffee and if that doesn’t help me to feel better — I’m crawling back into the bed.


Some days are good, others are not.  Today isn’t so hot.