My Mom just forwarded me a link to an amazing video on  Kseniya Simonova is a young Ukrainian sand artist and this video is her interpretation of Germany’s invastion and occupation of the Ukraine during WWII.  Judging from some of the audience reaction, it is a moving story — I know the art is incredible!

As I watched this I counted the many blessings I enjoy, and I think it’s a reminder of what this season is about…Peace, Love and Hope. (The video is a bit long, but very well worth it!)

Will the winds of change blow?

I’ve just finished reading The Girl with no Shadow by Joanne Harris, which is the followup to Chocolat.  I LOVED the movie Chocolat, so with this new book came out I just knew I had to read it.  However, into the first chapter I decided that I needed to read the novel before continuing because there were references in The Girl… from Chocolat which weren’t in the movie.

So, read it I did.  And then I read The Girl…  It’s a great book, but it took me awhile to read – because of all the chores that need tending to.  And now I’m left feeling strangely restless.  Which is exactly how I felt when I saw the movie Chocolat and read the book.  For some reason I really relate to the main character – Vianne Rocher.  No, I’m not a witch (am I?), but I am a traveler.  I often feel that I too must move when the wind calls.

I used to dream of flying.  Not in an airplane, but actual flying.  In these dreams I could fly and ride the wind, looking down on the earth below.  Never too high, just above the tree tops.  And sometimes, instead of soaring I found I would glide and land, glide and land.

And now, once again, I am restless.  Who knows, perhaps I’ll ride the wind again tonight in my dreams.