Winding Down

Well, our time here in Louisiana is coming to a close and daughter and I will be heading back to San Antonio early tomorrow morning. We have to move her into a different dorm apartment. Wednesday we’ll leave for California.

It has been hectic. The house is mine and the former owner is moving out today. I’ve had contractors in and I’m waiting for the quotes for some electrical work, repair work and painting work. I’ve met with the property management company. The carpet folks come tomorrow to measure for the new living room carpet. If the other work comes in too high, my folks will be finding other folks for the work. I am so thankful that they are willing to do this for me!

Although our time has been busy, it’s been so much fun to be with family again. One of my sisters came in on Friday and left today – a much too short of time to have together, but better than no time!

We’ll be stopping by my middle daughter’s for a couple of nights – and will collect our cats before going home on Saturday. Monday is a holiday for me (Memorial Day) so I’ll have Sunday and Monday to rest up before heading back to the office.

Another Good Weekend

Eldest Daughter and Eldest Grandson came to visit this weekend.  It was the first time we’d been able to get together since Christmas so we had a lot of catching up to do.

We had lunch at a pizza place, went to see the wild horses and enjoyed talking away the afternoon.  We made home-made pasta and she made a delightful medley of veggies for the sauce.  After my Grandson went to bed we enjoyed a taped Dave Matthews concert and another by Nine Inch Nails.

They left around noon today, but my oh my, what a great time I had!

And now the quiet

After nearly a month of family being together, and tons of celebrations, I find myself alone again.  My youngest and her boyfriend left yesterday — back to college.  The house is quiet and still.  I feel a calmness descending.  Looking back …

My middle daughter and hubby.  Steph hosted Christmas at her home this year.  She had surgery about 2 weeks before Christmas and I have to say, you would have never realized it the way she took care of everyone and her amazing energy.  It was a great Christmas – and the first one we’d shared in person since 2002.


Christmas is so much better when little ones are there — especially my gorgeous 3 grandkids!


And my eldest daughter received a great surprise from her hubby – a shiny, new VW “bug”…


And then my youngest, her boyfriend and I returned home.  We visited the wild burro and horse shelter.  These animals are “rescued” from the weapons testing area in California.  While I’m not a “horse” person (or a burro one for that matter), I can’t help but be moved by their lives …



I finally finished a sweater I’d been knitting for a friend’s new baby boy:


And while it does look like it has “button” issues, they do calm down…


And then it was time for my youngest to get ready to return to Texas.  We decided to take the scenic route and drove through the desert, then miles of citrus orchards, and then by the Pacific Ocean…



We drove through Malibu and saw the Santa Monica Pier (both too crowded to stop).  Spent the light at an airport in LA and then, the next day, saw them safely off…


And as for me, I’m remembering this busy time with a full heart.  And in just 19 days I’ll be boarding the cruise ship and spending 2 weeks in the Caribbean.  Can life get any better?

Left-handed house?

Ok. I’ve lived in this condo now for 4 months and I still have issues finding the light switches. This should not be a big deal, right? You enter a room, stick out your hand and flip the switch. I keep doing this but instead of flipping a switch I hit a wall.

For example, take my bedroom. The door open into the room towards the left. It’s dark and I walk into the room and put my right hand out to the right wall, just inside the doorway. Smack! No light switch. It’s on the left wall AFTER the door. Not convenient at all.

And this isn’t an isolated case. It’s in ALL of the rooms.

Last week when my daughter was up I mentioned it to her. She agreed that the switches were not in the right place. And then just said, calmly, “oh, it’s a left hand house”.

What? A left-handed house? Who knew.