August Break -3


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The above was taken today near Texas Canyon in Arizona.  Chelsea did well in her surgery – no complications – and was released late yesterday afternoon.  Chelsea’s surgeon knew that we needed to get her back to university at San Antonio, and so Chelsea was released for travel yesterday.  We are pacing the trip as slowly as we can with still arriving on Monday.  Yesterday we went 4 hours to one of my daughter’s and spend the night.  Tonight we’re in Deming NM.  Tomorrow our goal is Ft Stockton TX and then on into San Antonio on Monday.  So far so good!

The Graduate

About 18 months ago my eldest daughter decided to return to school to be a cosmetologist.   She’d always been good with doing things with her own hair, but I had no clue that she wanted or had been thinking about this.  Anyway, she made it through the courses with flying colors and this past Thursday she took her state board.  Many, many, many of the students either didn’t pass the practical portion of the exam or failed the written part, but the Incredible Ms H did both!  We met in Riverside to celebrate!

Here she is (on the right) with her sister/hair model.  (And with my youngest home for the summer I had ALL THREE of my daughters together.  It was heaven!)





Hot, hot, hot

I remember the song “Beds Are Burning” by Midnight Oil – it came out when we were living in New Zealand.  The lyrics are actually “Out where the river broke,  The blood wood and the desert oak, Holden wrecks and boiling diesels, Steam in forty five degrees” but to my ears it was “the western desert lives and breathes in 45 degrees”.  That phrase, although not correct, comes to mind a lot now that I live in a desert.  45C is actually  113F.  Guess what folks.  We have had TWO days this past week (including today) that exceeded that.  I HATE this dry, desert heat.  Walking out the door is awful – even at 6:30 in the morning you can feel the heat coming.  And although this condo has two form of cooling (a “swamp” cooler, aka evaporative air cooler, and a air conditioner) we could not get the temps inside below 84 today.

And when it’s this hot, who wants to go outside and play?  Not me certainly.  So, since I have my youngest home from university this summer, we turned our time in to creative play time.  We made candles today:


I have recently taken up candle making and really enjoy it.  I normally use soy wax which is white so the colors are not vibrant.  So we got some paraffin was and, for fun, some bees wax.  Now, the pink candle on the right and the little pink one in the little tin are soy candles.  Chelsea made these (pink is her favorite color) and she chose to scent them with jasmine.  Then she combined yellow and red and we ended up with a gorgeous ruby colored, unscented, candle (it’s the square one).  Behind the pink candle on the right is a brown candle – and the little round one to the left of the candle in the can – playing with getting “coffee” color right.  The odd shaped one to the far left is a really deep purple and it’s got a lilac scent (probably too dark for lilac, but what the heck).  The short and medium tall yellow ones are the bees wax candles.  The really tall yellow is paraffin – plumeria scented.  The really great thing about candles is that sometimes you get little surprised.   Like the tall yellow candle – see all the gorgeous “pattern” in it?  I have NO idea what we did to get that.  Now they all need a little polishing to clean them up, and the wicks trimmed, but aren’t they just gorgeous?

And to welcome her home in style, last weekend (before the temps got above 100) we had a feast with home-made pasta.


And tomorrow, it’s back to work…