Tokidoki and iPhones

This past weekend I treated myself to a weekend get-away of shopping.  I had a great hotel room and just enjoyed the heck out of it.

When I lived in Okinawa a friend of mine was in love with LeSportSac purses.  And not just any LeSportSac purses, but the designer ones.  A regular purse by this company is expensive, but the designer ones are obscene.  (or so I thought)

Now I usually bought my purse from the discount stores, so I used to tease her.  Then on a business trip to Guam I found one that was designed by the French graffiti artist, Fafi.  It was on sale and my friend’s birthday was approaching.  So I picked it up for her.  Big mistake.  I was bitten by the bug and slowly the desire for a Fafi-designed LeSportSac just about consumed me.  I finally found and purchased one of my own about a year later.

Well, on my shopping trip this weekend I found a LeSportSac designed by tokidoki – and it was a laptop bag!  I found a store assistant and guess what.  The bags were on sale!  SO, I now have a laptop bag AND a purse.

IMG_1583 IMG_1579

Are they not beautiful?

And then, the icing on my “shopping” cake?  May I introduce you to my new (drum roll please)



Had a GREAT weekend.


This past Thursday my youngest daughter left for college.  It’s a bit early, but she needed to meet with an advisor to determine what classes were needed for this next semester.  A good family friend met her at the airport, took her to the university and has generously agreed to letting Chelsea stay with them for the next couple of weeks.  It’s sad when the baby leaves home, and things do seem empty without her.


But this weekend one of my son-in-laws celebrated a birthday.  We all met at a town and celebrated in style.  Heather and hubby returned home after the celebrations while Steph (and kids) and I enjoyed a night at a beautiful hotel.  We even found time to dine at a newly discovered Indian restaurant!  Great weekend!!

My three grandkids:


My two oldest daughters:


Heather, Son-in-law and BIRTHDAY CAKE:


Only having my youngest daughter there would have made it better.  I LOVE celebrations!!

US Memorial Day

Today in the US is Memorial Day – a day to remember all of those brave individuals who gave their life for their country.  It doesn’t matter if we believe the war/conflict was right or wrong — these souls paid the ultimate price for the country they loved.  At 3pm (local time) all across the nation there will be a moment of silence.  What a wonderful way to pay tribute to all of these folks.

I was awake early (6:15) so I watched a recording of highlights from the Monterey Pop Festival from 1967.  Hendrix and Joplin are timeless.  It brought back a flood of memories – the sounds and the sites of the late 60s and early 70s.  The hair, the fashion…  It was a nice glimpse into the past, and I was able to pick out things that would eventually evolve into the main stream.  Now I’m listening to a concert that recorded on my DVR of Jeff Beck.  Again, a sound from so long ago yet in no way dated.  

We’ve had several days of sun with temps in the 80s and even a day in the low 90s.  Last night the clouds moved in and today is overcast and significantly cooler.  I’ve got the house open and the wind is sailing through, bringing sweet scents and stirring memories of a by-gone time. 

Yes, today is a day for memories.  I hope you have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day and that you can take time not only to remember those who have given their lives for their country, but to your past and all the events (large and small) that have shaped you into the person you are today.


It has been a long time since we have set down to a meal at the table. Normally we make something very light and eat in the living room – usually because the table is full of all sorts of things.

But we decided to celebrate the end of Chelsea’s first year in college so a “proper” meal was prepared…

We had caprese salad, farm fresh steamed asparagus, rice and Moroccan chicken.

The basil and cilantro were home grown:



And in spite of the grumpy face, we had a great meal and dining experience: