California Truck

Well, I’m now diving a California truck.  Not that I bought a new one.  I finally got through all the “stuff” and have California plates on my old truck.  First I had to have a smog test.  Passed.  Yippee!  Then I went to DMV (but not on Friday because due to the budget crisis the DMVs are not open on Fridays) and got most of my things accomplished.  Temp CA driving license, but because I had a truck I had to go have it weighed.  And I was told that when I returned I’d have to get a new number and wait.  Well, I left about 1 1/2 hours after I got there (I was #12) and the waiting room was full, all the chairs and the wall space occupied so I just figured I’d go back another day.  Yesterday I got the truck weighed and today, back to the DMV.  I was there 5 min before it opened and ended up number 3.  But that was good and I was out in 10 minutes, complete with new plates.

So my truck has “lived” in Louisiana, Illinois and now California.  More states than some people!

I wonder if my truck fells anything like the VW Camper in “Divine Right’s Trip“.


Well, we made it!  Safe and sound.  (Maybe not so sound….)  Anyway, we got in last night and just about died.  This morning we were up at 7 and unloading the trailer into my friend’s garage.  It was already 81 degrees.  Our high today – 115!  Got the trailer and the truck unloaded and the trailer turned in.  It is SO nice to drive without the darn trailer.

Discovered that I have been driving for about 9 months without my vehicle registration.  So, panic call to the Illinois DMV and sister, and thanks to my brother in law, the registration copy has been obtained and is on it’s way here.  Due to arrive prior to 1pm tomorrow.

More later!!