Come on Friday!

Well, what can you say.  My days are flying by and yet I seem to be standing still!  How is this possible?  Still working 12-14 hours a day, but I’ve started coming home during lunch and taking a nap.  Gives me the strength to see the afternoons thru!  And last night we had severe weather warnings  – hot temps and lots of thunderstorms, complete with lightening.  So unusual for us here in the desert.  It’s hot again today and this evening I came home to a broken air conditioner.  The call is in for a repair, but who knows when that will happen.  Luckily we also have a swamp cooler (evaporative cooler) which should be able to keep the house to around 80.  With fans I am hopeful for a good nights sleep.

The other day I went to the grocery store.  As I was leaving I notice a man crossing the parking lot (he’d come from the little shop at the gas station) and he was carrying a bottle of juice to drink.  Now I thought it was strange that he’d go to the gas station shop and not the grocery store where things are less expensive, but oh well.  We all do things a little differently – right?  Well imagine my surprise when I saw him join his friend, mount a horse and ride off into the housing development!


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Left-handed house?

Ok. I’ve lived in this condo now for 4 months and I still have issues finding the light switches. This should not be a big deal, right? You enter a room, stick out your hand and flip the switch. I keep doing this but instead of flipping a switch I hit a wall.

For example, take my bedroom. The door open into the room towards the left. It’s dark and I walk into the room and put my right hand out to the right wall, just inside the doorway. Smack! No light switch. It’s on the left wall AFTER the door. Not convenient at all.

And this isn’t an isolated case. It’s in ALL of the rooms.

Last week when my daughter was up I mentioned it to her. She agreed that the switches were not in the right place. And then just said, calmly, “oh, it’s a left hand house”.

What? A left-handed house? Who knew.

Where does the time go?

I ask myself this question many times.  Last weekend I took the Friday off and, picking up my Eldest Daughter and Grandson, we took off to the land down south – and just north of the Mexican boarder – to my Middle Daughter’s.  What fun we had.  Eldest is in cosmetology college and Middle Daughter and I were treated.  She had her fringe trimmed and eye brows waxed.  I had my hair trimmed.  We both became gorgeous after Eldest finished with her make up kit.

We enjoyed lunch out (have you ever had fried asparagus?) – and a day of shopping.  Unlike my usual self, I really enjoyed this shopping trip and came home with luxury bed linens and a pair of much needed non-sandle shoes.

I also had the opportunity to enjoy watching all three grandkids play and have fun.  Not a harsh word or a tear appeared, which when you think about a 4 year old, a 6 year old and a 12 year old playing, that in itself was a bit of a miracle.  All we heard was laughter and the sounds of fun.

Son-in-law really shined that weekend too.  He had a pot of home-made Tuscan bean soup awaiting us upon our arrival Friday evening.  Sunday morning he treated us to omelets that were to die for!  And, Saturday evening while the two daughters were involved in a sewing alteration project, he entertained me with delightful conversation.

To say I had a great time is clearly an understatement.  What fun I am having being so close to these two beautiful and talented ladies!

Tokidoki and iPhones

This past weekend I treated myself to a weekend get-away of shopping.  I had a great hotel room and just enjoyed the heck out of it.

When I lived in Okinawa a friend of mine was in love with LeSportSac purses.  And not just any LeSportSac purses, but the designer ones.  A regular purse by this company is expensive, but the designer ones are obscene.  (or so I thought)

Now I usually bought my purse from the discount stores, so I used to tease her.  Then on a business trip to Guam I found one that was designed by the French graffiti artist, Fafi.  It was on sale and my friend’s birthday was approaching.  So I picked it up for her.  Big mistake.  I was bitten by the bug and slowly the desire for a Fafi-designed LeSportSac just about consumed me.  I finally found and purchased one of my own about a year later.

Well, on my shopping trip this weekend I found a LeSportSac designed by tokidoki – and it was a laptop bag!  I found a store assistant and guess what.  The bags were on sale!  SO, I now have a laptop bag AND a purse.

IMG_1583 IMG_1579

Are they not beautiful?

And then, the icing on my “shopping” cake?  May I introduce you to my new (drum roll please)



Had a GREAT weekend.