Where does the time go?

I know I’ve asked that question many time before – but really!  Here it is the middle of March – how does this happen?

So what have you been up to?  Things have been pretty busy here.  I’ve decided not to put in a garden this year.  I spent so much time and money on last year’s garden, and I only got to harvest a few watermelon, 3 very tiny tomatoes and some beans.  The deer ate the rest.  I’m sure my neighbors will be sorry I’m not putting in the garden – the deer ate my veggies and left theirs alone last year!  I was going to put in a bunch of herbs, but since I’ll be traveling over the next few months I decided that wasn’t a very wise choice either.

I’ve been quilting up a storm – and yet now accomplishing much.  I’m working on 2 baby quilts now, Baby Boy is due in April and Baby Girl in May.  These little ones aren’t part of my family, but their Mums are special.  The first weekend in March my Mum and I met my Texas Sister in Dallas for the Dallas Quilt Show.  We all had a good time, and discovered a new restaurant.  If you’d like to see some of the quilts featured at the show, stop by my quilting blog, Quilt Gecko.  We also found a wonderful place to have breakfast, Cafe Brazil.  YUM!  While there I “test drove” all of the long arm quilting machines that were there.  I fell in love with Crown Jewel by Babylock.  When I got home I found a dealer in Shreveport and yesterday Friday I paid them a visit.

The shop, Shreveport Sewing Center (link is to their FB page) has the CJ set up so I got to see it again.  I spoke at length to the lady in charge of it.  I want it so much, but the price tag is WAY more than I want to spend.  I went back yesterday and spoke to them again.  A young man (14 or so) was there and he put a quilt on the machine and quilted it.  They rent the machine out at only $30/hour.  So, I’m going to rent time on the machine to do my quilting and we’ll see where that goes.

In April I’ll be going to San Antonio to visit Chelsea and then to San Diego/El Centro to visit Steph and family.  In May it’s back to San Antonio for Chelsea’s graduation (Master’s degree in computer science) and then to Georgia to celebrate grandson Gabe’s and Heather’s birthdays.  In June I’ll be heading out to Nashville for a yoga retreat.  I just LOVE being retired.

And I’ve decided to close my soap business.  There is too many things going on in my life and you can’t run a business when you do a lot of traveling.  I’ve got all my soaps on sale for $3/bar so if you are interested head over to the FB page or Etsy and stock up.  The business will code at the end of March.

Yesterday I stopped by one of the home improvement stores and boy was it CROWDED!  Apparently the shops have in the spring plants.  So I headed over to my favorite nursery, Ellis Pottery, and had a blast.  They have a huge space that is enclosed where they have their palms and other tropical plants.  It is my favorite place to be (if they put a comfy chair in there I’m not sure I’d ever leave).  I love these type of plants and while looking at them I thought it would be a great idea to get my back (east facing) porch in shape and have my own “palm house”.  So I did.  Here’s the result:

My Happy Place!!


California Update

Life is truly amazing and I am enjoying the heck out of this little vacation.

Sunday was Ms. S’s birthday, and we had such fun celebrating her birth.  Her hubby made her breakfast in bed (isn’t he the greatest) – pancakes topped with delicious fresh strawberries!  We went to the restaurant of her choice for supper and came home and ate home-made red velvet cake (delicious doesn’t even begin to describe that cake).

We talked, watched a movie with the kids and just spent the day celebrating life!

Today we leave for San Diego where she will attend a 2-day conference.  We are planning to get food to go (not fast food tho) and going to the beach to enjoy it and watch the sun set.

Life is so good right now and I feel bathed in love.

On a sad note, one of my very, very good friends is saying a final farewell to her Mom.  Her Mom passed away just before Christmas and today is the memorial.  If you are reading this, please send out prayers, love and strength to all who are needing special help today.

Greetings from Sunny California

Well, here I am back in beautiful, sunny Southern California!  At home today the high is supposed to be 55 and here it’s going to be 80.  Sunny skies as well.  Just about perfect!

I’m visiting my middle daughter and we’re having fun.  Last Sunday was my birthday, this coming one is hers so it’s fun to get together to celebrate.  Tomorrow we leave for Ontario, CA.  Steph and I will be spending Friday enjoying “The Road To California” – a quilter’s convention/show.  We are only going to spend 1 day there but I’m sure we will enjoy the heck out of it.  That night we are going to meet long-time friends for a catch up dinner.

Life doesn’t get much better!  Peace and love to you all!


So, our New Year is here.  I wonder what 2014 will bring…  Happiness and health I hope.  Christmas was really wonderful this year with all my girls and their families here to celebrate AND my Mom and Dad.  It was especially great because all 3 of my girls live in different states — one in Georgia, one in California and one in Texas.  So it took a lot of coordination and work on their part to get here at the same time.  Thank you daughters!  You made not only my Christmas but my entire year!

I find it more and more difficult to blog these days.  FB has become such an easy tool to use — and not much is expected.  However I’m not ready to give up my blog nor my occasional post writing.  Perhaps this year I’ll blog more and find more balance in my life.

Speaking of balance, I’d pretty much decided to close SoapGecko the end of December.  But my eldest daughter stepped in and is taking on the responsibility of marketing the soap (which I hate) and leaving me to create.  I’m much happier with that situation so I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will work.  I do enjoy making the soap!  In fact – I’ve got the lye cooling right now for a new batch of….  well, lets just wait and see.

So I’ve got some pretty big trips, and a few small ones, planned for this year.  I’ve decided that I want to spend each of my daughter’s birthdays with them.  So in a couple of weeks I’ll be flying to California; in May I’ll be going to Georgia and in October to Texas.  In the spring I’m going to go on a cruise to the Panama canal and then in the fall on a trip to Bali.  I’m so excited!

And I want to spend more time on fun stuff this year.  Quilting, soap making, photography.  I think I’ll have a busy, busy year.

Finally I’d like to wish each and every one of you a healthy and happy New Year.