4 thoughts on “Too tired for words, but there’s a song in my heart for you

  1. Thank you for this! That weekend with your daughters sounded fabulous. Now that my sister Anne is in Sydney, she and I and Pat arrange a meet-up each school hols, so it doesn’t become “we must catch up…”

  2. Hi Martie, thanks for the link!!! I’m honored toooo… i love this blog template, originally i was going to use it for my photoblog, but found that it didn’t work in some versions of internet explorer, the pictures would show up as teensy weensy icons rather than filling the space… so i had to abandon it, much as it pained me… so are you going to use wordpress for your new photoblog? because i totally recommend the template i use.. it’s cool and customizable without coding.. click on the link on my page to buy it and i will get an affiliate pittance lol… good luck with your new blog, and thanks again!!

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