Lucky Klutz

Hello World!  Well, remember la few days ago when I awoke and said I was ready to embrace the new day?  It was a good thing I was filled with peace and calm because I had a bit of a rough start.

One of the joys about working again is a paycheck.  I LOVE Starbucks, and there is one close to me.  So each morning I go there and get a cup of coffee to enjoy.  And I do so enjoy it.  Especially that first sip of the day.  Your mouth is untainted by any other beverage or food, the coffee is warm and rich.  It smells delightful and has a taste to match.

Anyway, I got my cup of coffee and took it to the car and placed it in my cup holder.  Somehow my key chain tucked itself under the lip of the cover on the coffee, lifted the entire cup and deposited it on the floor of the truck between my feet – spilling the entire contents on the floor (yet not getting a drop on me)!  Sigh.

Back into the shop I take my sorry self – and get in the long line to await my second cup of coffee.  And the lady spots me – inquires why I’m back.  After hearing my tale of woe – tells me to go on over to the pickup station and receive my replacement beverage FREE!  I couldn’t believe it.  No charge for being a klutz!

Somedays things just cannot go wrong no matter what happens!

6 thoughts on “Lucky Klutz

  1. I’ve always found Starbucks to be good like that…I’ve recieved many free beverage coupons from different Starbucks locations, for even just the smallest wait or not having something I wanted on hand. I’m glad your morning was put back on track with a thoughtful kindness!

  2. Marti – I just saw your pic – you look beautiful! Your hair is great, and you just look so … well … good. Life must be treating you well. Hope to hear from you. Your grandkids are adorable.

  3. Sometimes, you get that one understanding person who takes care of you the right way. Now, pass it on. (as if you wouldn’t…)

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