Cure for insomnia?

Well, the dr has decided to change my blood pressure meds.  I started on the new one last Wednesday and guess what.  One of the side effects is insomnia.  Now I’ve never suffered from insomnia before.  Yes, I’ve gone a night or two when I was working through issues and didn’t sleep well.  But insomnia?  Not me.  Well, between Wed night and Monday morning I don’t think I even got a total of 8 hours of sleep.  Yesterday was so hard at work – I just wasn’t functional.  The brain was in a total fog.

Last night I went to Starbucks and ordered my usual (triple shot cappuccino, dry).  The barista asked if I’d ever had a macchiato and when I answered no he fixed me one “one the house”.  He said he thought I’d like it as much as the cappuccino since I always ordered it “dry” and that it’d be cheaper.  So I enjoyed my beverages and decided he was right.  I went back in to make sure I’d be able to order what he fixed me.  He’d fixed me a triple shot macchiato.

So, last night before bed I consumed SIX shots of espresso (and not de-caff either)!!  Guess what.  I slept like a baby and awoke refreshed this morning.

Go figure.

4 thoughts on “Cure for insomnia?

  1. Ooooh welcome to my little corner of hell! I have bad insomnia lately. One day last week I skipped sleeping completely. I was ok the next day, but the day after that was hell!

  2. OMG! Six shot’s of esspresso! I’d be awake for three days with that. I can’t have anything with caffeine in it after 12 or 1 pm…coffee, chocolate, cola drinks…nothing.

    Insomnia is quite insidious as it affects so much of our lives…our physical health and our mental outlook. I hope your new medication has you sleeping like a baby again.

  3. That is not fun for sure Martie.

    I want to ask you though, are you open to changing your diet, and not need any meds? Blood pressure almost always can be easily regulated by diet first and so there would be no need for the pills. They all come with side effects, it is just a matter of how noticeable they are.

    For example here is the simplest thing you can do, look at all the nutrition labels of the foods you are about to eat. (This is easy, you only have to look in one spot – the sodium)

    The sodium amount should be as high as the calories or lower, so 1:1 or less, never more. Since the average person eats a diet of 2000 calories and we should have no more than 2000 mmg of sodium per day, it is the easiest way to monitor your sodium intake. It it never the salt shaker like people think, but the processed food. Check out some labels, you may be shocked, even ice-cream has more salt than should be there for health, it’s crazy!

    Feel free to email me if you have any questions, as I specialize in this and just love helping people live healthy, happy and drug free lives 🙂

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