Tokidoki and iPhones

This past weekend I treated myself to a weekend get-away of shopping.  I had a great hotel room and just enjoyed the heck out of it.

When I lived in Okinawa a friend of mine was in love with LeSportSac purses.  And not just any LeSportSac purses, but the designer ones.  A regular purse by this company is expensive, but the designer ones are obscene.  (or so I thought)

Now I usually bought my purse from the discount stores, so I used to tease her.  Then on a business trip to Guam I found one that was designed by the French graffiti artist, Fafi.  It was on sale and my friend’s birthday was approaching.  So I picked it up for her.  Big mistake.  I was bitten by the bug and slowly the desire for a Fafi-designed LeSportSac just about consumed me.  I finally found and purchased one of my own about a year later.

Well, on my shopping trip this weekend I found a LeSportSac designed by tokidoki – and it was a laptop bag!  I found a store assistant and guess what.  The bags were on sale!  SO, I now have a laptop bag AND a purse.

IMG_1583 IMG_1579

Are they not beautiful?

And then, the icing on my “shopping” cake?  May I introduce you to my new (drum roll please)



Had a GREAT weekend.

5 thoughts on “Tokidoki and iPhones

  1. I bet your coworkers will find you really hip with those bags to coordinate with your hair!

  2. I love both of those bags. I don’t have an i-phone. I seldom use my cell phone so haven’t really thought about getting one.

  3. That is awesome Martie! The iPhone looks awesome and I am sure you are having a great time playing with it as they come with so many cool features!

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