Damn birds

When I was in Illinois there were these gorgeous red-winged black birds.  Their black feathers were so dark shiny.  The red was often a brilliant orange, and sometimes there was a vibrant yellow too.  I loved those birds but oh, did they mock me.  They would be there, all lined up on fence posts — their beauty shining in the sun.  They would let me stop the truck, get out with my camera and get the shot all set up.  And then just as I was about to push the shutter button – away they’d fly.  It was so frustrating.  Day after day I attempted to get a shot of these creatures, and day after day I failed.

Here in the desert we have ravens.  They are gorgeous too.  Big birds with black beaks and feet.  They scream “hawk, hawk”.  They look fierce.  We got up early on Saturday and set off to capture these creatures, digitally.  Normally they are brave and you can walk up to just a couple of feet from them.  Well, once again, if you have a camera in your hand just at the last minute off they fly.



So this morning I head out to work and guess what.  On the lamp post above the truck are two huge ravens.  “Hawk, hawk” they greet me.  Hum, they look a bit intimidating.  I get in the truck and make sure the windows aren’t all the way down.  Now I’m going to have my first team meeting this morning so I’d decided to stop at the donut shop just across the street for tasty goodies to bring.  I drove over there, parked and got out of the car.  As I walked towards the shop, “hawk, hawk”.  I look about and about five ravens are coming towards me.  Not to panic I think – but I increase my speed as I head for the door.  Safely inside I make my selections and head back out.  Now there’s about seven or eight ravens and keeping a distance of about 3 feet they provide escort services back to the truck.  In I climb and take off.  A few of them swooped the truck, but they didn’t follow me.  Scary – you bet.  I sure hope they haven’t figured out where I live and send a morning patrol out for me!

And, just in case you were wondering about my new environment – here it is!


5 thoughts on “Damn birds

  1. I love your new look on your blog! Martie, make peace with the birds! LOL The ravens will lead my dogs astray every time. It’s funny to watch. They fly just high enough and in front of the dogs to be out of their reach. The ravens help me exercise my dogs when I am walking on the desert.

  2. Wow Martie, that’s quite the panoramic vista! And yes, very different from Illinois.

    On Sunday while we were sitting outside having brunch at a restaurant, we watched a crow take a small container of jam (like the kind you get in restaurants) and stick it in a flower pot under some plant leaves, to hide it from the other crows. Then it picked up a piece of bark mulch from several feet away and placed it over the jam to hide it even better. Crows and their raven cousins, are SO smart! We once watched one use a small twig as a tool to get food out of a container. So much for the theory of “bird brained” Maybe it should become a compliment! Bob had one dive bomb him once when he was walking home from the store with a loaf of crusty bread that he was eating. He was quite shaken up from the whole experience as he still had a long way to go to get home!

  3. Wow Martie, big changes for you I see! I really enjoyed reading about your journeys in the past few weeks. I guess it is a whole new living area and job – wow!

    I guess there will be a bit of getting used to, but changes are amazing as they help us grow an discover more and more about ourselves! We evolve, and we reach higher versions of who we were. Well that is if we are open to and do not resist the changes.

    Well all the best to you in this new chapter of your life 🙂

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