Week 1

Well, I survived my first week in the work force.  We get paid every 2 weeks and work what is know as a “flex” schedule.  Monday through Thursday we work 9 hours.  One Friday we work 8 hours and the other Friday we have off.  This makes for a nice, long weekend every second week but those 9 hour days are certainly LONG!  I really don’t feel like anything was accomplished.  I had to attend new employee briefings, get my passes and decals to enter the base.  Because I work for the government there are TONS of security, including access to the computers.  So right now I have very limited access, and in fact no access to the majority of tools that I need to do my job.  But that is OK, this allows me to gently ease into my position and gives me time to read about all that has gone on in my career field since I retired.

Getting up early doesn’t seem to be a problem.  Since we decided to move I’d been waking up early.  So that hasn’t been a big change.  But at the end of my work day I’m shattered!  The latest I’ve managed to stay awake has been 9pm.  Oh well, this too (I hope) will get better.

The most difficult part of this process has been adapting to the heat.  The first few days it was around 115.  And there is little humidity which we aren’t used to.  But lately it has cooled, topping out at around 106.  The cooling systems work much better and we are discovering (re-discovering) that as long as we do things early in the morning or later in the evening that it’s not bad.  And the skies are gorgeous!  Blue skies everyday and wonderful fluffy, white clouds.

We have been exploring the town.  We lived here before, but things have changed.  There are now 3 Asian stores and we’ve checked them out.  I don’t think I’ll have any issues getting the ingredients that I rely on for cooking.  The local grocery store has a large organic section and fresh herb section.  Things are looking up on that front!

We are sitting at Starbucks and have just finished enjoying our coffees.  It’s nearly 8:30 and the temps are climbing.  It’s about time to go home and wait for the water man to come.  The water here does not agree with me, and while I KNOW that what I’m getting is filtered water at least it should not cause me issues.  And I have to admit I like having that machine where I can get cold water or water hot enough to make coffee in my French press and Chelsea can get the hot water for her cocoa.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

4 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. Hi Martie, So glad to hear that you survived your first week and have the weekend now to rest. I’ve found with the last two moves I’ve done that the recovery period has been about 2 – 3 weeks each time and I don’t work! Get the rest you need, at least as much as possible!

    I worked a flex week for several years and really loved it. A long weekend every two weeks made such a difference to my energy level.

    That amount of heat would finish me off. I guess most people just stay in air conditioned buildings.

  2. Change, even good change, can be exhausting. You will adjust to work, temperatures, water – everything – in time. The food shopping scenario sounds great – lucky you!

  3. I tried working 10 hour days once so I could have 4 day work weeks but it was too much for me.I spent my extra day off recovering. I happily returned to my 8 hour, 5 day a week schedule.

  4. Wow, BIG change in lifestyle – at least you’ll really appreciate your downtime, and working keeps the mind sharp!

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