Good bye old life, hello new life

Today I’m saying good-bye to my old life and welcoming my new one.

We arrived at our new home-town safely on Friday evening.  We have spent the weekend trying to keep cool – the temps have been around 115 (give or take a few degrees) and because it’s the desert, hardly any humidity.  This is such a change from the last several years where we lived in places where the humidity was much higher.  Tomorrow I re-join the work force.  Mixed feelings for sure!

The day we left Illinois was a bit sad.  Before leaving I did a walk around and it seemed like the garden was in bloom just to say “good bye”.

My pretty white zinnias,


the luscious tomatoes,


my favorite, raspberries (which were not supposed to fruit until next year),


the wonderful black currants,


delicious zucchinis,


the bright glads and


my beautiful, little roses.


But it was time to go.  Truck was loaded and trailer was packed, so off we went.  It only took the first night at the hotel for me to learn to park where I could get myself out!


And this is my friend’s house.  She has graciously opened up her home for us to stay in until we can find our own place.  It’s good to have friends!


And it’s off to work in the morning!

3 thoughts on “Good bye old life, hello new life

  1. Sad to leave your Illinois garden behind Martie. I do admire you though for having the courage to move again, knowing that somewhere warm & sunny was where you needed to be. I hope your first day back at work treats you gently!

  2. Martie I can understand your mixed feelings at this transition. I think the older we get, these transitions become a little more difficult to traverse but it’s if it’s getting you to where you really want to be, then it’s worth it. I’ll be sending you lots of \energy vibes\ tomorrow to help you through the day. It’s wonderful that you have friends there…the support of friends makes all the difference!

    (and you’ll soon have another garden…only the next one will be a lot more tropical!)

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