Tempe AZ

Good morning from Arizona!  We are in Tempe, which is just outside of Phoenix to the east.  Today is the home stretch and we hope to get to Ridgecrest CA early evening.  Today we’ll only have to do about 450 miles.

Yesterday was a good day.  We finally got through Texas (that state is just way too big when you are driving across it!) and New Mexico.  We’ll be out of Arizona in a couple of hours and then into California.  That will feel good.  But the driving itself has been very easy.  Long, long ribbons of highway, two lanes in each direction, and very little traffic.  I was concerned about the winds and sandstorms but we didn’t get any.  We saw lots of dust devils tho.  And we’ve seen the scenery change from lush green to grown.  From trees with gorgeous leaves to cactus and brown grasses.  I’ve lived in the desert before, twice, and both times there were droughts.  Apparently not this year because for the first time I was able to see desert flowers – which are beautiful.  It was so hard not to pull over and take photos.  But the shoulders are the roads in these areas are not too nice, and we did have winds (not too strong) and I am so uncomfortable pulling the trailer that I decided I just didn’t want to go there.  I am hopeful that the blooms last a bit longer and I’ll be able to get out with the camera in a couple of weeks.

Our cats, which ride in their carrying cases, are fed up with the trip.  Neko, our scaredy cat, has been hiding as soon as we let her out in the hotel rooms.  Last night she came out and walked around for a long time and even slept with Chelsea.  It’s good to see her out and about.  Sapphire, our too social cat, now runs when she hears the voice of a stranger.  I am sad to see them so upset, but today is our last day on the road so hopefully they can get back to “normal” soon.

The beds last night were awful.  Too soft and lumpy.  I kept waking up and so finally, about 5, I just gave up and got up.  Hopefully I can walk out the kinks which have seemed to settle in my muscles.

Tomorrow we’ll be taking our stuff to a storage room and returning the trailer.  I’m glad I had the trailer so that I could bring a few more belongings, but I will be so happy to be rid of it!  And then Sat and Sun to rest before re-joining the workforce on Monday.

And now it’s “California here we come”!

5 thoughts on “Tempe AZ

  1. Welcome back home to california my friend … welcome home! Wow … back to work on Monday … so soon!

  2. I feel like I’ve been travelling with you on this trip Martie…thanks for taking us along. The kitties will be so glad to get to their new home and it won’t be long before they settle in. Welcome to the (almost) west coast!

    (Can’t wait to see some desert flower pictures.)

  3. The last leg! Well done taking that trailer across the desert Martie. Wishing you a restful evening when you reach CA.

  4. Are *WE* there yet?????? I know you are busy and hopefully the cats can go back to being themselves after this weekend. Well, now you are where it is warm! Mother Nature decided to kick it up a notch in your honor. Turn that A/C on! {pant, pant} If you need help just let me know!

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