El Paso

We made El Paso last night – and it was such an accomplishment.  We’d decided to hit the road early and make yesterday our longest day.  I think that may have been a mistake.  By 9:30 I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open so we pulled into a rest stop and I slept for about 40 minutes.  Slept sitting up in a hot truck with the windows down.  That is how tired I was.  Then we hit the road again, but I faded about 1:00 so we had to stop for sleep again.

I had decided that perhaps El Paso was overly ambitious so we looked at the map for other options and decided that there really weren’t any, so on down the road we went.

As we were nearing El Paso we tuned into a local radio station to hear that there was a big hole in the I-10 (the road we were on) but no further details were known.  Soon the highway hazard lights began flashing and we were advised to tune into a local AM radio station, which we did.  All we picked up was static!  We kept checking back with the radio and kept getting static.  All of a sudden our GPS beeped and out route changed.  Sure enough, the GPS picked up the problem and re-routed us.  About 10 minutes later we were able to pick up the radio station and got the details.  A hole in the interstate.  Who would have thought that could happen?

Anyway, we followed the GPS and ended up near the boarder.  I think Texas marks it’s roads a bit poorly, and for awhile we were in the lane to Juarez, Mexico.  We eventually got into the other lane, but it was fun to watch the people in the cars and those walking towards the boarder.  They were laughing and joking and having a good time, like a big block party.  Finally we rejoined the interstate and made it to the hotel.

On the road from 6am to 7pm – what a day (in spite of my naps).  Much too long so today we decided to sleep in and get caught up on the rest.  We’ll be going for breakfast and then loading up and on the road again.

Look out Phoenix, here we come!

2 thoughts on “El Paso

  1. Oh my Martie, this sounds like it way quite the marathon drive. You’re going to need a holiday at the end of this epic journey but somehow I don’t think you’ll be getting one! Sending love and hugs to keep you going with eyes wide open.


  2. I know that stretch of the road so well. I’ve driven it many times. Too bad I couldn’t let you know about the best mexican food ever near El Paso. The trip will be more interesting now that you are out of Texas.

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