San Antonio

We arrived at our friends’ place near Houston the night before last.  What a gorgeous home they have, filled with treasures large and small collected from all over the world.  It was wonderful seeing remembered tokens and looking at new ones.  B and F treated us like royalty and it was wonderful to be pampered after the last week.  Yesterday we spent the day catching up on news, relaxing and enjoying wonderful conversation and food.  What a great time.  THANK YOU B AND F!!!!

We have arrived in San Antonio, hot and tired.  Chelsea has a friend over and I’m going to enjoy chilling out and watching TV and reading.  Tomorrow is a long, long day — about a 11 hour drive.

2 thoughts on “San Antonio

  1. Moving house means you have a lot on your mind, so I can easily see how you managed to leave the emergency brake on! You will look back and laugh, I promise! Glad you were able to enjoy a relaxing break with friends.

  2. What a treck! You’re such a strong woman Martie.

    I’m so glad you were able to stop with friends and be pampered for a day. As for the emergency brake…well, we’ve all done that one at least once if not several times in our lives. (I know I have!)

    I hope tomorrow isn’t too gruelling.

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