3 July – Moving continues

This has been the longest day of my life.  I seriously should have hauled all of this to my burn pile and struck a match.

Our day began at 4am.  Yes, that is 4 hours after mid-night, a time when some people are just getting home from a fun night out.  We had a quick coffee and then continued to load the truck.  Shortly after 6 we headed off for the unit again.  Here we are, getting ready to unload (notice the great amount of energy emitting from Chelsea):


It took us about an hour and a half to unload and position the stuff.  It must have rained overnight because this unit is significantly smaller than it was yesterday…



We turned in the rental truck, grabbed some breakfast and headed back towards home with the intention of loading up our truck with some of the remaining items and taking them back.  Well by the time we got home we were both like the living dead so we decided that since it was only about 10:30 we’d just go back to sleep.  And what a wonderful sleep it was!  Then it was back up and we loaded the truck with the first of two loads we took in the truck.


Took another load and then we came home.  I can’t wait to let my head hit the pillow tonight!

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