2 July – Moving begins

Well, we have had two VERY long days.  In fact, I can’t believe it is still Friday.  For the purposes of this post (which I didn’t get to last night), pretend it is Thursday, 2 July.

We have been furiously packing for about 10 days now, and although not everything has actually been packed, we picked up the rental truck to begin transporting our worldly possessions to the storage unit (please note that I rented the largest unit I could find, 10′ x 30′).

I sat the alarm for 5:30 so we’d get an early start.  Here was the beast (14′ truck) that we were to drive, load and unload:


I actually thought I’d rented a 24′ truck, and I’m so glad I didn’t.  This one was plenty big enough – driving wise.  Anyway, I drove it home and then Chelsea and I loaded it up:


It filled up way to fast, and we realized that a second trip would be required so it was off to the storage unit (about a 50 minute drive) to unload.  And here’s what fit into the unit the first load…


Not bad.  Plenty of room.  So it was back home to load the truck for a second time.  Well, we got home and started to load and discovered we were rapidly running out of steam.  We broke for a quick supper and then got back to work.  We finally called off the loading at close to 11pm and went to bed, making sure the alarm would sound early the next morning.

One thought on “2 July – Moving begins

  1. Oh Martie, I ache for you and your sore, tired muscles. I’m moving tomorrow too, but I have some heavy duty muscles around here for the heavy work so I can’t complain at all. I hope you made it through OK and got everything done that needed to be done. Thinking of you!

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