Under offer

Yes, that is correct.  I received, and accepted, an offer on my place today.  It’s a good offer, but it has a couple of contingencies to it so I’m not going to celebrate just yet.  Way too early in the game.

The packing continues but we are nearly done.  Tomorrow is going to be filled with a bunch of errands (including getting more packing paper) and lunch with my sister.  Then on Thursday we pick up the rental truck and bring it home and fill it up.  Friday we’ll be taking the rental truck to the storage unit where we’ll unload it and then take the truck back to the rental company.  Saturday I’m going to rest – I think I’ll have earned it by then!  🙂

One thought on “Under offer

  1. I’m exhausted just listening to you MArtie! So good that you have an offer at least, I’ll cross my fingers for you that it comes to fruition. Enjoy your well earned rest!

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