Home again, home again

After a wonderful visit with my parents, and a safe trip home, we arrived shortly after 8pm.  It had been a LONG day – we started out around 5:30 and with the exception of stops at Starbucks (for coffee and tea) and to gas the truck – it was straight through.  We were tired and so happy to be going down our lane, nearing the journey’s end.

I had been told that it had rained lots while we were gone and we witnessed fields standing in water.  Many of the fields where corn has been planted look like total loss – the little plants only about 6″ tall and that yellow-green color that comes from too much water.  The fields in higher areas are doing better, but not great.  It is a sad time for the farmers here, who work so very hard and live on the edge.  I hope that things turn around for them.

When we rounded the corner and pulled into our driveway the first thing I noticed was that my lawn had become a field a clover!  Beautiful, but not a lawn!  We continued down the path and rounded the house.  What a wonderful surprise!  Just look:

20090615-IMG_1036My porch cum pergola is almost done!  Is it not gorgeous??  And see that big blue barrel?  It’s going to be the rain barrel.  I was stunned as I had not expected this much to have been completed!  I just could not stop smiling, and what a great gift to welcome us home.

Today I checked out the garden.  It is overgrown and I hardly know what is what.   But I did pick some radishes.

20090616-IMG_1046And while the earth and grass are really too wet to mow – I did mow the edges of the driveway (and made a mess of the center where the grass blew/clumped)!

20090616-IMG_1050And while some of my potted plants are doing great (basil, rosemary and cilantro):

20090616-IMG_1055 the lavender was swimming:

20090616-IMG_1057It’s supposed to rain again tonight, but with a bit of luck the sun will shine tomorrow and I can get on with my outdoor chores!

It’s great to be home…

5 thoughts on “Home again, home again

  1. Such a lovely green homecoming! The pergola looks great and your herbs are looking so fresh and healthy.

  2. In some places on the coast, a clove lawn is desirable. Low maintenance, doesn’t die off, hardly needs mowed, keeps the weeds back (unless of course you consider it a weed…then, well…)

    Still a pretty site to come home to. Glad the trip and vacation were safe.

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