I have never been the graceful one in my family. In the late ’80s I managed to drop a TV set on my face, embedding the channel changing knob between my eyebrows, the volume control over my right eye. I broke my nose and had 2 black eyes. To this day when I’m ill those scars are still visible. So, I figured I’d hit my peak and couldn’t top that one.

Today I found out I was wrong in that assumption. It was hot here today, it’s supposed to rain tonight, and the day was heavy and oppressive. So we decided to go for an ice cream. Bug man had recently left so we thought it’d be a good idea to take the more social cat with us so she wouldn’t eat any of the poison. The shy cat we knew would stay in hiding until this evening. So out to the truck the three of us went.

Now this morning the dumpster man came and emptied our dumpster, and as I approached the end of the driveway I noticed that the two lids were still open. And since it was supposed to rain later I decided I should stop, jump out of the truck and close them.

So I stopped and opened the door. Now I’m not really sure what happened next, but I was on the ground with my legs on the driveway and the truck was going backwards! I managed to get one of my legs out, but the truck ran over my right ankle (and upwards of how ever thick the tire is). And I remember thinking that it was really going to hurt – and it did. After the truck ran over my leg I realized it was still reversing — somehow it was in reverse not park, and that Chelsea was still in the passenger seat. The truck was reversing towards a big ditch. So I yelled at Chelsea to turn the car off. For some reason, in her adrenaline rush, she decided to climb under the dashboard to try to apply the emergency brake. Well, from there she couldn’t really do that, but she did finally manage to get the truck stopped, crawl out from under the dash and get the truck turned off — and although it seemed like forever from where I was laying on the ground, it had to have been only a few seconds.

Chelsea drove me to my Dr – who I’d called on the way to make sure they’d see me. I got there and was taken right in. My leg and foot were examined, x-rays were taken (and all the while there was snickering going on) and lucky me – nothing was broken. I got sent home with directions to take it easy. My foot, ankle and part of the lower leg are swollen and promising to be very colorful tomorrow. And we are both counting our blessings.

Now come on. How many people do you know who have dropped a TV set on their face AND ran over their leg with their vehicle?

4 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Its much more amusing to read about it than to experience it! Let’s not try to beat this experience, alright?

  2. Ouch! That sounds so painful. You just never know when something like that will happen. Glad nothing was broken.

  3. Oh Martie, I know I shouldn’t be laughing and really, I was alternately cringing and giggling…but you make it sound like you have ALL the fun! Seriously, I know you must be hurting and I really do feel badly for you and I’m soooo glad that nothing was broken.

    I’m just wondering though, did you ever get the ice cream?

  4. Martie, Martie, Martie…you AREN’T supposed to run over yourself! Someone else, maybe. But not yourself. Hope you are doing better.

    Props to C for getting the truck stopped. And I agree with her, funnier to read than to live.

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