Will the winds of change blow?

I’ve just finished reading The Girl with no Shadow by Joanne Harris, which is the followup to Chocolat.  I LOVED the movie Chocolat, so with this new book came out I just knew I had to read it.  However, into the first chapter I decided that I needed to read the novel before continuing because there were references in The Girl… from Chocolat which weren’t in the movie.

So, read it I did.  And then I read The Girl…  It’s a great book, but it took me awhile to read – because of all the chores that need tending to.  And now I’m left feeling strangely restless.  Which is exactly how I felt when I saw the movie Chocolat and read the book.  For some reason I really relate to the main character – Vianne Rocher.  No, I’m not a witch (am I?), but I am a traveler.  I often feel that I too must move when the wind calls.

I used to dream of flying.  Not in an airplane, but actual flying.  In these dreams I could fly and ride the wind, looking down on the earth below.  Never too high, just above the tree tops.  And sometimes, instead of soaring I found I would glide and land, glide and land.

And now, once again, I am restless.  Who knows, perhaps I’ll ride the wind again tonight in my dreams.

2 thoughts on “Will the winds of change blow?

  1. Martie … the question is not *will?* but *where?*. Some of us have more wonderlust adventures than others. Be at peace with who you are and cherished memories will follow.

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