Happy Mother’s Day from the Bunny Slayer

To all mothers, and mothers-to-be in the US, Happy Mother’s Day.

Actually we celebrated yesterday.  This was because my youngest wanted to spoil me and she had to be back at university today.  So my day began with scrumptious home-made crepes filled with wonderful raspberries and a cappuccino made to perfection.  I felt so spoiled.  And then I was given a big box full of presents – a gorgeous card, two chocolate bars, a box of one of my favorite teas, and surprise of all surprises – a Wii Fit!!  I could not believe it!  Blown away!

But it was Saturday, and sunny so I had outside chores to do.  So after thanking my wonderful daughter, out I went.  I worked in the garden for a while and then tackled the mowing.  Now, we had a ton of rain this spring and it’s only been sunny this past week.  The majority of time I’ve devoted to getting the garden in.  So, the parts of the yard that had not been mowed yet were really tall – about 10 or 12″!  So I went slow, and didn’t make full sweeps, keeping my eyes opened for limbs, sticks, and critters.  I stopped time and again for little creatures – including little tiny frogs.  And then it happened.  As I was looking down I spied a little baby bunny, dead.  I think the tires got him – not the blades.  He was so tiny and I felt so bad.

My neighbor was working on my porch and we found a nest – guess this little guy was a refugee from the nest.  One of the others was hurt, but my neighbor picked it up and comforted him.  


He seemed fine and was set free in the woods.  We saw two other babies take off from the nest.  My neighbor said he thought they were big enough to survive – but perhaps he was just being kind to me.  I felt so bad about disturbing their nest (and killing one of them).

The post man came, bringing gifts from my middle daughter.  A wonderful surprise, complete with a paper bouquet – made from paper cut-outs of my grandkids’ hands.


And after all the yard work we are sitting around the table talking to friends and one of them noticed that one of my cats had a cut on the top of her head.  It was about an inch long, slanted and open.  It wasn’t bleeding but looked horrid.  So, without much hope I called the local vets office.  A service answered and within 10 minutes a vet called me back.  We decided to bring her to the vet, so off we went.  (Now remember last week when we couldn’t get a dentist?  Well, apparently there’s no issues if you are an animal and need emergency care!)

Anyway, we get to the vet — about 30 minutes a way.  She opens the carrier and looks in and said – let me save you some money.  “This is a scrape and nothing to worry about.”  I couldn’t believe it – I’d already agreed to the $85 fee + charges for any procedure or meds, so I was delighted that there was no charge.  

We finally got home around 8:30 and together we made pasta.  Then we had just enough time to wear ourselves out on the Wii Fit.  I was pretty good at balance, but I suck at following the “dance” steps.  I thought my daughter would pee herself she was laughing so hard!  And although I wasn’t laughing she assured me she was laughing with me and not at me.  Hummmm

So, except for the incident with the bunny, it was a great day.

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day from the Bunny Slayer

  1. Happy Mother’s Day. We celebrate in NZ on the same date as you. Glad you had a great day. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Just found the new blog, very nice too. What a lovely Mothers Day. I was taken out to a string quartet then dinner. Times like this you know that you have brought them up well!

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