What a weekend we had. Ms C developed a tooth ache, and try as we might, dental care is not to be had on weekends. The few places that advertised emergency treatment, and that responded to phone calls, indicated they didn’t see people on the weekend and if the pain got too bad to go to the ER for an injection to deal with the pain. So, with OTC meds she made it though until this morning when we were able to get her to a dentist in her university town. Not good – tomorrow she goes in for a root canal. 🙁 And we need a consult for impacted wisdom teeth (all 4). Someone is going to have a sore mouth – and with finals next week too! Altho they did say they didn’t think the wisdom teeth would need to be removed just yet.

I’m working on getting the garden in, which I know I will love (one day) but just now I’m beginning to wonder what on earth possessed me to create such a huge garden! This is new to me (especially this are) so I started several seeds indoors based on a last frost date of 17 Apr. The frost date was pretty accurate, BUT the earth was too wet to put anything in. I was finally able to put them in on Saturday, but I’d already lost many of my seedlings and I’m not sure that the others are going to make it. (Naturally my neighbor’s tomatoes are stellar, he didn’t start his seeds as early as I did…) Today I looked at my hot peppers and the leaves have turned white on several of them. Don’t have any clue as to what that is about.

Did you ever watch that movie “Overboard” with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell? In one scene she becomes overwhelmed and just starts saying bub-bub-bub over and over again. Since retirement I’ve felt that way on numerous occasions. But today I got to live another scene from that movie. Near the beginning Kurt is taking Goldie home and she’s riding in the back of a pickup truck and swallows a bug (gag). Well, I wasn’t in the back of a pickup truck but I while I was working in the garden I must have had my mouth open because a bug flew right in. YUCK! And I couldn’t even spit it out. Double yuck. I’ve had it will protein – I’m going to become a vegetarian. I believe that bugs know if you are a vegetarian, and if you are one they won’t fly into your mouth. (And if you know different, don’t bother to even tell me!)

2 thoughts on “Well…

  1. OMG that’s funny – I love that movie! Not funny about your daughter’s teeth, I hope she gets it all over and done with soon.

    There’s an Australian poem about a farmer called Hanrahan. Of course there are repeated floods and drought & disaster etc and the chorus goes, in droll fashion – “We’ll all be rooned” (ruined) said Hanrahan, “before the year is out”

    Good that you’re laughing Martie, or you’d go crazy!

  2. Martie, I hope Chelsea is feeling better now and the root canal went well. That must have been so frustrating to not get help for her when it was needed.

    I feel overwhelmed just hearing about your farm/country challenges! As Patti says, you’ve got to keep laughing! (but not hysterically – that’s a warning sign!)

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