SkyWatch Friday #5

 It’s been raining here for what seems like weeks, but is actually only a few days. But the skies are a solid gray and that doesn’t make for an interesting photo. So I am posting one from last year – taken in Okinawa.  Click SkyWatch to see other amazing skies from around the world!

Sunset over the Pacific

Sunset over the Pacific

4 thoughts on “SkyWatch Friday #5

  1. Hi Martie!

    This is lovely! Now when you say Okinawa, you mean Okinawa Japan, right?

    I only found out about this beautiful part of the world, in my studies about natural health and ventures into the secrets of longevity. The people of Okinawa have some of the most centurians on the planet, now that is something to be proud about!

  2. I love sunsets. I haven’t lived in as many places, but my road has taken me to a new country, Canada, later in life. I invite you to come see our night sky Star Party. – Margy

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