Rain, rain, go away…

On Saturday the garden was plowed and tilled – it is gorgeous:

The garden

Now, if it’d just stop raining so I could get planting!!


UPDATE!  I’d planned on putting some plants in yesterday, and since they’d been soaking since Sunday I decided to go ahead and get them in the earth.  So, down the left side (as you look in this photo), there are now 10 lavender plants, 4 boxwoods and 5 two-inch roses.  Keep your fingers crossed!

3 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away…

  1. Thanks Heathen! Glad you like it, and I appreciate you testing the comments!!

  2. Hi Martie, Your new “web home” looks great…congratulations! Thanks too for your supportive comments during our move. We’re now out of the house and just finishing up with cleaning etc. What a job!

    Your garden is huge!! With your love of gardening I know you’ll enjoy it immensely. (I feel tired just looking at it!)

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