There and back (again)

Wow – what a difference 2.5 weeks makes!  I just returned from another trip to San Diego and San Antonio.  I had a blast and it is so wonderful to see my daughters and grandkids.  When I left the tendrils of winter still had its hold on everything.  Yes, we’d had some daffodils and a few of the trees had their flowers, but basically it was a stark landscape.

I’ve returned to lush green and all the trees in full leaf!  My back yard is amazing and I am so enjoying the green, green, green.  Especially after the desert of El Centro!  (Sorry Steph)

The cats are delighted to be home, running around and exploring and becoming reacquainted with their favorite spots.  The plants are back on the porch and I can sit out there and enjoy my morning cup of coffee.  I am resting and enjoying being back in my own spaces.  It is surprising just how much travel takes out of me!

Today the house is open (windows) and fresh air is all around me.  I’m catching up on laundry and finishing unpacking.  Life is good!

2 thoughts on “There and back (again)

  1. Ahh, to have green, green, green surrounding me… I tell myself brown is the new green. Glad you get to enjoy it, though!!

  2. Forget chicken soup for the soul, coffee on the balcony does it for me every time. Enjoy.

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