Christmas Eve

Happy 24 December to everyone on this side of the International Date line – and Happy Christmas to all who are on the other side!

We celebrated our Christmas on 21 December when I was lucky enough to have all my daughters, their partners, grandkids and my parents here.  12 for Christmas Dinner – it was magnificent!  The eldest two and their families left on Sunday, so my youngest and her boyfriend are the only ones left.

Our Christmas Day was stormy but a nice warm 75.  Today it’s overcast and 29!  The weather is in a state of flux.  I’m the only one up and I’m enjoying the peace and quiet for a bit.  I will enjoy the company of my daughter when she wakes up.

Breakfast this morning is fresh raspberries and cappuccino.  Yum!

Sending you all hugs and warm wishes.  Enjoy your day, no matter what you do with it.

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