Project Hallway

Last December, in preparation for putting new color on the hallway walls, I taped and primed the walls.  Many months passed and finally, around Feb or Mar, I did one short wall and one long wall.  Time passed and other things took priority.  Finally, with guests due in less than a week, I decided it was time to paint the other short and long wall.  So that’s what I did.

First I pulled off the painters tape.

Funny what you can get used to! Can you believe this didn’t drive me crazy?

It looked so much better with the tape down, I was tempted not to do anything else!

All the tape was down. It wasn’t as hard as I feared using the heat gun tip I found on Pintrest! Fingers got a bit warm tho. LOL

Finally, after numerous breaks and several cappuccinos, the work was done!

Photo doesn’t do it justice! The paint is Enlightenment by Valspar. The white bit on the right of the photo is the door way to the kitchen. The kitchen is red, trim white and that yellow looks amazing when viewed together!

Now I’ve only got to do the trim work (glossy white), touch up and clean up the drops on the floor.  Wonder how long that will take?


PS – My hallway is really long.  It took nearly a gallon to put 2 coats of paint on the one long wall and the wall where the doorway to the kitchen is!

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