Quilting with my Sister

A while back one of my sisters and I went on a weekend bus trip to several quilt stores in north Texas.  It was a lot of fun, and very inspirational.  We decided to sign up for a paper-piecing class, and finally we got to go yesterday.  To say it was fun would be a great understatement.  We had a blast!  The instructor was good, our fellow students were a lot of fun, and the project was enjoyable.  I only finished one of many blocks, and now that I am home I am looking forward to getting busy on the quilt.  Pictures will be coming soon.

Today, after getting home from my sister’s house, I got inspired with soap making.  I’d been wanting a citrus-sage soap, but the blends I’d been playing with weren’t just right.  But today I think I hit gold.  I made a custom blend of essential oils; lemongrass, sage, orange, cedar and petitgrain.  I think it smells heavenly.  I had infused organic olive oil with annatto seeds which is supposed to color the soap some shade of yellow.  The soap “batter” in the mold was a bright yellow-orange, but I’m sure it will change after it goes through gel.  So I’m looking forward to seeing it tomorrow when I un-mold it.

I also made some coconut soap – not only will it smell like coconut, but it has coconut milk in it and unsweetened coconut flakes.  I’m anxious to see it after it is un-molded as well.

Finally, I made up a big batch of Tattoo Butter.  It’s a whipped body butter made up of organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, almond oil and with Vitamins A and D added.  It is supposed to help skin heal after a tattoo.  No color or scent was added.

Tomorrow I’m going to go out to my garden and take some photos.  The garden was not a huge success, except for beans, watermelon, hot peppers and herbs.  The deer have returned to nibble on the few plants still flowering.  At least someone is enjoying it!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

One thought on “Quilting with my Sister

  1. Oh no Martie, you’re feeding the wildlife! Your garden looks sensational! No wonder they’re so interested!

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