Embracing the dark

It started about 3am.  HUGE claps of thunder.  You know the kind, right?  It shakes the house and sounds like in the movies – usually scary movies!  Then lightening ripped the night.  And the rain – big, heavy drops beating down on the house, the pavement, everything.  The cats went and hid, I snuggled down in the covers and enjoyed the show until I fell asleep.

Today it continues, it is dark.  The big thunder continues to rumble and the lighting comes ripping through the grey sky.  Then it clears up a bit.  The rain, thunder and lightening subside and the skies grow less grey.  All is quiet.  And then the darkness returns and the show continues.  I just love days like this (well, not everyday but once in a while).

Yesterday was sunny and bright.  I was able to catch the deer in my garden twice, but I wasn’t fast enough to grab my iPhone let alone my camera so I don’t have those pics to share.  Suffice to say that, unless the deer decide to start liking melon, it appears that will be the one crop that I can harvest.  So far they’ve also left the lavender, rosemary, and cilantro alone.  Fingers crossed.

And one of my hydrangeas has produced its first flower – a blue/purple one.  I bought it in April and it was a sorry little stick with no leaves.  As you can see, its pretty healthy now!

I have two of these little bushes planted in front of the house.  The other one isn’t as tall or as full as this one, and has one flower hidden under leaves – its pink.  I’ll have to work on the ph of the soil as I prefer the blue/purple ones but then I keep hearing a little voice “bloom where you are planted” so perhaps I’ll have a blue/purple side of the house and a pink side!

Have a great day.

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