It’s been an odd couple of weeks.  I finished painting the crown molding and other trim in all the rooms that my wonderful sister and brother-in-law painted for me while I was away playing in southern California.  I’ve started painting the hallway – which is a bigger job than you might think.  My hallway is over 30 feet long, then has a 8′ “L” shape.  I’ve got the “L” painted with 2 coats and one of the long walls painted with 1 coat.  And that took about a gallon of paint.  I had to buy another gallon and I bet there will not be much left (which really is a good thing).  So, for the first time in a long while all the rooms in my house are tidy.  Well, maybe the kitchen needs some help since I’ve taken up candle making in addition to soap making – but hey.  A little chaos is good for the soul.  Right?

The garden is coming along.  ALL the rose bushes I planted have taken and some even have buds and will soon have roses on them.  The garden beds (the raised ones) are full of little beautiful green things peaking through.  It is wonderful to see things starting to grow!

I have been having back issues (sciatica on both sides) and I’ve been going to physical therapy 3 times a week.  It is helping so much its really unbelievable (at least to me).

And what does all the above have to do with anticipation?  Nothing.  The anticipation is coming…

Tomorrow afternoon I leave to go to my sister’s in Texas.  We are going on a quilter’s weekend bus trip – going to tons of quilting shops in northern Texas.  Both of us took up quilting a few years ago, and it is really fun to have a creative outlet to share.  We have such different styles and tastes, but we can appreciate each other’s work.  I am cautiously optimistic because it is a bus trip, and filled with a total of 53 crazy quilters.  So… anticipation for sure!!

I hope you are well and are anticipating something exciting in your near future.

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