Home again!

It’s always good to come home.  To reclaim my space and my life.  To see my cats, my garden, my “things”.  While I love to go, I love even more to come home.  I think that is good – if I wasn’t so good to come home then it would be time to move on.

The cruise was wonderful.  It was warm, the scenery fantastic.  But the best part was being with my part of my family.  Mom & Dad enjoyed their first cruise.  My sister and brother-in-law celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.  And for the first time in years and years, my eldest daughter and I had “alone” time.  7 days of love!

Came home to cold though.  Every morning I’ve awakened to frost!  After sever days in the 90s to say this weather is a shock to the system is a huge understatement.  But warm weather is on the way and soon I’ll be able to plant my garden.

Next week I’ll be selling my soap and body products at the Air Force Base near my home.  So this week I’m getting everything ready.  Yesterday I spent packaging the soap and today making body butter.  More body butter tomorrow, bath bombs and fizzies on Friday.  Weekend resting!


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