I’m meeting my parents for supper at a local Mexican restaurant and them I’m coming home and going to bed.  Why am I so sure about this?  It’s because I am knackered.

I woke up early this morning and put the second coat of high gloss white paint on the crown molding in my living room.  Then I went to my parents where I trimmed my Mom’s roses and attempted to get the thorny weeds out of Mom’s azalea bush.

Then I came home and planted 10 rose bushes in the back garden.

I am stiff and sore and oh, so, tired.  It’s a good tired, but tired none the less.  So I’m going to enjoy my supper and then fall into bed and I’m sure I’ll sleep until tomorrow!

Good night!

One thought on “Knackered

  1. You are so fortunate to have your parents close to you – they sound fit and well too. How did the red kitchen work out?

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