No more road trips for a while – please


In a week and a half I put 3,689 miles on my car.  I do enjoy road trips, but I am sore from head to toe and oh, so weary.  Now I’m home and trying to get the house organized.    The dining room is done (it consists of a folding table and folding chairs) and I spent the rest of the day on the office.  The printer took 2 hours to set up – couldn’t get it to print for anything.  Paper jam after paper jam.  Finally went on line and was unhooking it to do the clean the rollers thing when I discovered I’d not pushed in the bit in the back that does the paper feeding.  Worked like a charm.  But couldn’t get it to print via wireless from the iMac.  Looked and somehow the drivers on the computer had been deleted (probably by me or the cat!).  Installed and, just like magic, everything worked.  It even works with the Dell laptop for my business.  How is that for just perfect?  Still need to hoover the floor and clean with the steamer.

Cleaning the living room was on the agenda for today since my new couch and chair are being delivered tomorrow, along with the new surround system.  But I’m tired and sore so that’ll be a task for the morning.

Kitchen looks like a typhoon hit it.  That too can wait – but not too long because I am so clumsy and the stacks are reaching critical mass.

I used to be able to do all the unpacking and getting the house together in about 3 days.  I moved so often i had it down to a science.  Now I’m older, I no longer have the energy.  The fibromyalgia is tricky too – some days the pain is just too much, but I’m lucky this trip and now – pain is pretty manageable.

The later part of September I’ll be going to Illinois to attend a nephew’s wedding and I’ll arrange to get the furniture that is in storage delivered.  It’s most of what I have, and the cost of bringing it down is so dear — but not as much as replacing it!  🙂

So I’m going to return to listening to iTunes while I finish up for the night!


2 thoughts on “No more road trips for a while – please

  1. So glad you’re finally home Martie…does it feel like home yet?? You’re a seasoned mover so I imagine you’re used to home being where ever you’re living. I’ll be looking forward to pictures as you settle in. Also wondering if it’s hot there? I guess you’re used to that too!! Blessings to you dear friend as you settle in to your nest.

  2. Phew I’m exhausted just thinking about all you’ve achieved! Well done you and don’t forget to make time for rest in between.

    Had to laugh at you printer woes, I’ve always fought with printers, they do my head in!

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