(second) Retirement – Day 1

You know, no matter how much you think and plan, things don’t always work out like you want them to. My last day of work (yesterday) was filled with tasks taking so much longer than they should have. Then the landlord, who was supposed to be at the condo at 3 so I could return the keys and hit the road, didn’t show up until after 5.

My middle daughter, son-in-law and grandkids had come up to help pack and they ended up loading the u-haul truck for me. Son-in-law and one grandson left with the u-haul for El Centro. That drive normally takes about 5 hours. 4 hours into the drive they stopped for supper — and hadn’t even gone half the distance. We did a check and there were lots of accidents which was causing traffic to move at a snails pace. I’m not sure how the accidents turned out, I’m just thankful that none of us were involved. And in reality my moaning is nothing! Anyway….

Since we were having such a late start we decided to go to a local Thai Restaurant before we hit the road. (And the meal was lovely.) About an hour into the trip we realized just how exhausted we all were so decided to get a hotel. My youngest daughter got on line and then called a hotel that would take pets. We arrived about an hour later only to be told they wouldn’t be honoring the reservation. Thank you Best Wes….. you know who you are. That is one chain we won’t be staying at again! A quick check of the iPad and we found several others that would take pets – but rooms were tight. We finally found one and went there. It was wonderful! A really nice, helpful staff. Really CLEAN room, wonderful beds and linens. Yes, we were all really tired, but it was such a comfortable and restful night.

Got to El Centro today and the truck unloaded tonight. We are all really tired again, but NO MORE WORKING FOR me. (at least for awhile, more on that later)

So, all in all, (second) Retirement – Day 1 is good.

2 thoughts on “(second) Retirement – Day 1

  1. Woo hoo! Good thing you got the rest you needed and can head towards your new home and retirement number 2 with all the enthusiasm you need today. This sounds interesting…retired for awhile? Will look forward to hearing how it all goes for you as you relax into your new life.

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