It has been an amazing 5+ weeks — first my youngest was home for 4 weeks (with boyfriend) and then 3 days after she left my middle daughter and her 2 kids came!  Today is the first day in my house alone for oh so long!  It seems very quiet and still.

I had an amazing times with both visits!  Museums, restaurants, shopping, sitting around talking.  Life doesn’t get much better.

But this past Wednesday we went out on a whale watching boat.  Right now the grey whales are migrating to/from Alaska and are all along the California coast.  I was able to get some amazing photos!

Today I am resting, getting re-acquainted with the alone-ness (but not loneliness) and preparing for a very hectic work week ahed!

3 thoughts on “Stillness

  1. Fantastic shots, what an experience. I was way to slow to catch those tails. I’ve just had an ‘alone’ weekend, really enjoyed it, too.

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