Old Rose Soap

Yesterday I made a big batch of one of my best selling soaps – Old Rose.  It’s a white soap with rose petals stirred into the mix.  They turn brown/black in the finished product, but next to the white soap it’s a beautiful look.  I top it off with rose buds.  It makes a really lovely bar of soap and the scent is divine.  It isn’t the “old lady” rose that so many are.  It is awesome to watch people pick up a bar and give it a sniff – they generally close their eyes and take a second smell.  The compliments are huge – and many folks buy multiple bars.

Here it is, after “cooking” in the mold for 24 hours.  I’ll cut it either later tonight or tomorrow – and when I do I’ll update this post with the photos of the bars as well.

I’ve also been experimenting with body scrubs and finally I’m happy with the “recipe”. I do 3 types – salt, sugar, coffee. The salt and sugar ones I generally scent. The coffee one I leave smelling like coffee! My scrubs aren’t goopy – they have enough oil to make them easy to use but not so much that the salt, sugar or coffee are swimming in them. I can scent them with essential oils or fragrance oils. My green tea soap is a hot seller so my first batch is green tea. The photo pretty much sucks – I’ve got to get off my lazy bum and get the light box made so I can do proper product photography. But at least you’ll get the idea…

Today I’ve spent most of the day in the kitchen making soaps. I’ve made a really big (10 lb!) batch of tea tree soap. This one is my #1 seller, which surprises the heck out of me. I think it’s kind-of stinky. BUT, it has amazing properties so it goes quickly. I’ve also made a batch of soap which is scented with orange essential oil and I use poppy seeds as an exfoliant in it. At the request of Eldest Daughter I’ve made a 1lb test batch of a men’s soap combining leather and earth. Hope it turns out – it sure did smell good! I’ve made a 2lb batch of spearmint/rosemary essential oil soap with rosemary “leaves” in it. The oils are cooling now for one test batch of Christmas scent and a test batch of something called “spellbound”. Then I’ve got one more small custom order to make – almond. It’s been a long day!!

After the soap batter is mixed I put it in a mold (generally wooden), cover and insulate with a lid, towel and pillow (hence the pillows all over the dining room table!). The soap sits for 24 hours and then I can uncover. Depending on how “dry” it is, I can cut it. When I lived in the desert I could always cut the soap into bars after 24 hours. Here – where it is so humid, I’m finding I need to wait an additional day or two. (Not an easy thing when you are impatient like me! LOL)

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  1. I’ve been reading all about the delicious scents you have been making. Happy to read today that you had not forgotten the almond soap. Sounds like you have found your niche and enjoy it. Much love to you.

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